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Proud To Back The Party of “NO”… whoever they were

January 31, 2010

No, Nancy and Barack…may I call you that? I prefer to speak to people who put their pants/panties on just like I do, so let’s do away with formalities. I also prefer not to show too terribly much respect for those I have no respect for. You guys fall under that category. Oh, I must say you have pulled some fancy footwork, but to earn my respect (or that of many other Americans) you would have to start listening to the PEOPLE, and develop some microscopic modicum of respect for us.

I would like you to know, that there is no way I seek your approval for anything I do. There is no way I seek your permission for anything I do, AND I wouldn’t sit at a “beer summit” with either one of you if you had the last beer on earth…wouldn’t give you the photo op. Barack, honey, you are a Narcissist, parcel and package complete. You are arrogant without a reason to be, and you have nothing to be proud of as far as achievements—well, other than fooling those poor uneducated voters (black and white) into voting for you. Your school years are ridden with failure, you didn’t vote more than “present” on most of the bills that gave you the opportunity to make a stand (either way), and your entire senate time, 14 months, was spent campaigning for President. Your whole first year in office is a wash… except for the Nobel Peace Prize. Heck, that one wasn’t hard to figure out. You won because you weren’t Bush. You are exactly the apologetic, wishy-washy weakling the rest of those pansies in other countries wanted to see in charge of this nation, so you could bring us into the New World Order. On that point, I don’t know how many people know that you signed ANOTHER EXECUTIVE ORDER on DEC.17,2009 making Interpol a police force to be reckoned with in this country. You know, the order that puts them above investigations by our authorities, prevents them from having to release information under the “Freedom of Information Act”, and protects their privacy to the point that they cannot be searched, nor their premises by even our FBI and CIA? Yeah, that one… the one you sneaked through while we worried about the health care bill. Why are they not answerable to the laws that apply to the rest of us? Could it be because you are trying to move us to a more “European” type set of laws? And, health care… my goodness. You want to spend all that money to insure only a pittance of those that are uninsured. You ARE an Ideologue, though you tried to deny it. And, it IS a Bolshevik plot, of sorts. You want to establish a system that can not be dismantled, that will give the government more power over our private lives with access to every personal record we have, and help to destroy the economy at the same time. While you say you are trying to create jobs and fix the economy, you attack the banks and Wall Street with threats of new restrictions, and the market fell 300+ points in 2 days. The fall began just as you opened your mouth both days. By the way…you cost my IRA alot of money AGAIN.

Nancy… Have you lost your ever-loving mind??? Well, I should know the answer to that. You are a bullying, evil hag with too much authority. I guess you just don’t get that we aren’t having your health care plan. And, even though you don’t get it, the others in your party seem to have gotten a small clue that they better leave health care alone. You will never get the votes, thank GOD, to pass that pork laden, back room deal that you wasted a year on– I hate you can’t hear me gloating, but I’m loving it! Oh, by the way… even if you passed it… My state wasn’t buying it, and at least 22 other states…loving it, loving it, loving it! Oh…and that grimace you made when you tried to force a smile…you know…the time when you announced that you “just don’t have enough votes to pass the Senate version”..Honey…that was priceless.

I am so proud to back the people that worked so hard to stop the idiocy of you and the democrats/progressives in congress. Barack… HEY, BARACK…if that really is your name, ARE YOU LISTENING???!!! God Bless (not Allah) the party of “NO” and the USA, and our troops. I am so thankful that you excluded them instead of trying to buy their votes. It only brought the people of this country to their senses, and they sent you a message in the form of Scott Brown. I’m sure you remember the seat with Kennedy’s butt cheeks imprinted on it for over 40 years… I bet you hate to have to listen to the other side, now, don’t you. Well… Don’t you worry that li’l pin head of yours… There will be no need for discussion of any kind after November 2010. We are taking our country back, and we don’t need to talk about it… ‘

HEY NANCY….! I know you can hear me… OPEN THAT DOOR! You need to take notice of that last line I said to Barack… Oh and, honey… you better start looking for another job. Hey, I wouldn’t let too many people know where you are after you’ve left office, either, because you shouldn’t make it too easy for the FEDS to find you when they charge your buddy Barry aka Barack for High crimes and Treason. We, the PARTY of “NO” worked so hard to send you this message, nicely, but you refused to listen. The war is on. YOU and BARACK declared it on our way of life and Constitution, but “WE THE PEOPLE” , and the Party fo “NO” shall prevail. I would like to thank Y’all for one little thing, though…. you split this country like a prize cutting horse to show the true scant numbers of those that will support you, AND you woke some up, which brought the rest of us together to stand you down. Yes, Thank God for the Party of “NO” who, in their “SUPERMINORITY”, still kicked your….health care, and cap and tax.  Makes no difference to me if you listen… I don’t need to scrye a crystal ball to foresee your futures in the next election… Gonna sing… Ding Dong the Witch is gone, which old witch? The Pelosi witch… & another favorite: Ding dong Barack’s in jail, Bank accounts frozen, he can’t get no bail.. Ding Dong Barack’s in jail for fraud, and etc, and etc… (It will be a very long list, Barack). And, if you think last year seemed long…and useless… we are sending you more of the same this year….courtesy of the party of “NO” , and “WE THE PEOPLE”. We will be watching, now, and we will never drop our guard again to the likes of you.


What actually happened to the 1-26-10 Obama trial…

January 31, 2010

I, like many of you, fell prey to the hope that there would be a trial presenting the evidence that Obama, and the DNC, Pelosi and others conspired to elect this man who is ineligible to be President.  There was, indeed, a trial date set. This is what happened.

Orly Taitz, et al, filed a petition in the U.S. District Court of Santa Ana, California. There were several motions throughout the year for dismissal, but in all fairness to the Hon. David O. Carter, who presided over the hearings, he did go forward with the proceedings through the scheduled October 2009 court date. There was a tentative date set for January 26th, 2010, if the issue was not previously resolved. Well, it was resolved. The case and evidence, while heard, were dismissed because Judge Carter stated that (to paraphrase) no court in this country has the power to remove a sitting president. That is the job of Congress and only they have the power to do so. This happened in October of 2009, and many of us missed it. The American Grand Jury continues its efforts to remove Obama as President asserting that they have his Kenyan birth certificate. And they do have a birth certificate with an infant foot print from the hospital in Mombassa, Kenya, with all the information that would and does appear on the ones he has provided for his election. At any rate, the case was dismissed.

My question is this… If the sitting President was “Ineligible” to be President in the first place, is he legally the sitting President? His records from Occidental College were released and he was a Foreign Exchange student claiming to be from Indonesia. He had to have a passport to back that up, and a birth certificate to back up the passport, don’t you think? I believe that maybe the courts could make a ruling on whether or not Obama was “eligible” to be President, and then leave it to Congress to proceed with whether or not to impeach him. So, why can’t we get a court to rule on the status of his eligibility? Why are we trusting th word of someone in Hawaii that he was born there, “because he has personally seen the records”? I saw two different birth certificates, from TWO different hospitals in Hawaii…hmmmm, maybe he was born at two places. Another miracle by the “ObaMessiah”. I will say this, though. I worked as a labor and delivery nurse in the 90’s. In the 60’s, inter-racial births were quite taboo—just a fact. Do you not think a doctor or nurse that was present at Obama’s birth would remember having been there? Why haven’t we heard from them? I remember every mother and child that came through my rooms…where are the people that were present at his Hawaiian birth? And, if he was born in Hawaii, how was his grandmother present at his Kenyan birth…hmmmm, more food for thought. Obama does not have the Hawaiian certificate of live birth signed by an attending physician. Not yet. But, he is the most powerful man in the world, right now. Is there anyone who doesn’t think one can be manufactured and suddenly be presented with the statement, “I told you I had it all the time”. What he does have is the standard issue “birth certificate” given to anyone that walked into the records office… not signed by a physician, because he wasn’t born in Hawaii. Sorry, there is too much evidence to the contrary. This man has played our system like a fine guitar. And, at some point, he and those complicit in his fraud will be found out, and prosecuted… You listening Pelosi? (et al?). Hopefully, folks, we will see this in the near future–before he and his progressive/socialist agenda destroy our nation.

I have one more thought to throw out there today….  How wise is it to alienate and persecute the C.I.A., and the Supreme Court Justices (at the state of the union address) when one group are the people that could, if they wanted to, gather the information and evidence necessary to present to the other group for a ruling that could throw you under the bus? It’s OK, though. In his arrogance and smugness, he thinks he has won. That’s what he told the republicans about healthcare…”I won”. Maybe, after Massachusetts he is re-thinking that, and maybe he should re-think his arrogant attacks on the Supreme Court, the American people, and the C.I.A.  Mr. Barry Sotoro aka Barack Obama, I have news for you—   It isn’t over…AND, YOU haven’t won.

Palin’s Adversary (and ours): The Progressive Movement

January 31, 2010

for those of you that don’t know what Palin is up against or what she is fighting for, please watch Glen Beck. Love him or hate him, he has the best research team in the business. If you don’t know the difference between a “progressive” and a democrat, you need to find out. And, understand this, too, Progressives are permeating even the republican party. They ARE the attackers of the Constitution, Christianity, and moral values in this country. They believe we are not capable of making decisions for ourselves and are trying to put the Constitution out of business as the law of the land. Hillary Clinton professes to be a “MODERN PROGRESSIVE”. Barack Obama spoke to his “PROGRESSIVE FRIENDS” in congress. He is moving on his progressive agenda to “fundamentally change” this country forever. If you don’t understand what is happening, then you haven’t noticed that Congress and the Senate don’t believe they have to listen to us anymore. That is ONE of the changes. They feel that they KNOW better than we do, what we need, and don’t care if we want it or not. I feel nothing but disgust when I hear that all this is for the best for people that don’t have insurance, or for our children and grandchildren… WHAT is for the best, BANKRUPTING this country? These “educated elitists” that can’t even balance their own private checkbooks are spending and borrowing because they not only don’t pay their taxes, they are set for life after their stint in the Federal Government, but they continue to use the American taxpayer’s dollars to bring us into a “global economy”, while “leveling the playing field”, so that we have to bring our way of life, our laws, and our health care in line with the lifestyle of the “euro-socialists”. This is America. We are not STUPID or uneducated. We do not need the Government to take care of us hand to mouth. We are a strong minded people of what is still the strongest country in the world. We still have a chance to turn this around, folks. This is still the land of the free, but we have to stop their agenda. And please… educate yourselves about the progressive movement. You can start with Woodrow Wilson. The movement became so unpopular, that it moved underground, and is now rearing its ugly head all over this country–because you and I are not smart enough to make our own decisions.


January 31, 2010

I watched the S.O.U. “re-dress”. I was appalled that this President has no concept of respect and courtesy, or the separation of the powers of the government. He not only degraded the intelligence of the American people, but he disrespected the Justices of the Supreme Court, because HE disagreed with their interpretation of the law. He then goes on to say he will “write an executive order” to form a committee that he ordered and the legislative branch voted down. What makes this jerk think he has the right to walk on us and talk down to us, and to write whatever he wants if the representatives of the people don’t agree with his agenda? I was thoroughly fuming when he talked about moving ahead with HIS agenda for our children and grandchildren, saying he was acting for the greater good—like we are all uneducated, stupid children, and beneath his intelligence. He disgusts me. I am well educated. I am in the medical field. I don’t think government has any business messing with health care, any more than they needed to be having hearings on steroid use in pro sports. That is not what they get paid TOO MUCH for. It is all about setting a foundation for his socialist agenda, while I believe from what I’m seeing that he is tearing the other foundations down. He talks of investment, then attacks the banks and Wall Street causing the stocks to dive. He talks about small businesses being the foundation of jobs, and then moves forward with plans to increase taxes–but we don’t call them that. Needless to say, it was more of the same. He tried using charisma, bullying, and even his defiant posture as he spoke to Americans. That was it–defiance. He has not changed his agenda one iota. On another brief note, if we want our jobs back, we need to pull back from the GLOBAL economy. We have made other countries prosperous, while we are falling far behind to “level the playing field”. It is time to revisit and even rescind NAFTA. Bring our jobs home, or stop importing the stuff our American corporations make abroad for pennies on the dollar. If we don’t buy it, and we need it, we’ll make it and we will make it here. And, with any luck, The Americans that woke up somewhere along Obama’s first year will vote out the corruption, and get closer to the “constitutional” congress we need. And, My God, quit spending. I swear I could balance their budget. They wouldn’t like it, but we’d be out of debt in less than 10 years. there would not only be a spending freeze, I would look at the budget “LINE BY LINE”, and there would be cuts. I am recently widowed, and if I don’t have the money, I don’t spend it…why should congress??? The American taxpayer is now the piggy bank of the congress. They make the debt, and bilk us for the money to pay it. Meanwhile, nothing they pass applies to them, ever in their lives. That is another thing that would change… If they pass laws, they had better be ready to have it apply to them during their terms and when they return to the private sector. That way, they might think about the frivolous, intrusive nonsense they are trying to pass on us. Well, I’m finished with my rant… and if possible, I’ll be running for the senate seat of Kay Hagan of NC in two years. I am headed to the republican committee next week. I hated the condescending letter she sent me when I expressed my concerns about the changes I’ve already seen in healthcare in lieu of the actual bill being passed, because they thought it would pass. Maybe I’ll be one of those honest, responsible people that gets elected to help get this country back on the right road….and… I have a pick up truck.