I watched the S.O.U. “re-dress”. I was appalled that this President has no concept of respect and courtesy, or the separation of the powers of the government. He not only degraded the intelligence of the American people, but he disrespected the Justices of the Supreme Court, because HE disagreed with their interpretation of the law. He then goes on to say he will “write an executive order” to form a committee that he ordered and the legislative branch voted down. What makes this jerk think he has the right to walk on us and talk down to us, and to write whatever he wants if the representatives of the people don’t agree with his agenda? I was thoroughly fuming when he talked about moving ahead with HIS agenda for our children and grandchildren, saying he was acting for the greater good—like we are all uneducated, stupid children, and beneath his intelligence. He disgusts me. I am well educated. I am in the medical field. I don’t think government has any business messing with health care, any more than they needed to be having hearings on steroid use in pro sports. That is not what they get paid TOO MUCH for. It is all about setting a foundation for his socialist agenda, while I believe from what I’m seeing that he is tearing the other foundations down. He talks of investment, then attacks the banks and Wall Street causing the stocks to dive. He talks about small businesses being the foundation of jobs, and then moves forward with plans to increase taxes–but we don’t call them that. Needless to say, it was more of the same. He tried using charisma, bullying, and even his defiant posture as he spoke to Americans. That was it–defiance. He has not changed his agenda one iota. On another brief note, if we want our jobs back, we need to pull back from the GLOBAL economy. We have made other countries prosperous, while we are falling far behind to “level the playing field”. It is time to revisit and even rescind NAFTA. Bring our jobs home, or stop importing the stuff our American corporations make abroad for pennies on the dollar. If we don’t buy it, and we need it, we’ll make it and we will make it here. And, with any luck, The Americans that woke up somewhere along Obama’s first year will vote out the corruption, and get closer to the “constitutional” congress we need. And, My God, quit spending. I swear I could balance their budget. They wouldn’t like it, but we’d be out of debt in less than 10 years. there would not only be a spending freeze, I would look at the budget “LINE BY LINE”, and there would be cuts. I am recently widowed, and if I don’t have the money, I don’t spend it…why should congress??? The American taxpayer is now the piggy bank of the congress. They make the debt, and bilk us for the money to pay it. Meanwhile, nothing they pass applies to them, ever in their lives. That is another thing that would change… If they pass laws, they had better be ready to have it apply to them during their terms and when they return to the private sector. That way, they might think about the frivolous, intrusive nonsense they are trying to pass on us. Well, I’m finished with my rant… and if possible, I’ll be running for the senate seat of Kay Hagan of NC in two years. I am headed to the republican committee next week. I hated the condescending letter she sent me when I expressed my concerns about the changes I’ve already seen in healthcare in lieu of the actual bill being passed, because they thought it would pass. Maybe I’ll be one of those honest, responsible people that gets elected to help get this country back on the right road….and… I have a pick up truck.


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11 Responses to “The STATE OF THE UNION “RE-DRESS””

  1. dianat7000 Says:

    Well, all I can say is that WE THE PEOPLE, are behind you all the way! One thing that tea parties are preaching, is to get rid of EVERY RINO out there, and like Glenn Beck says—KEEP AN EYE ON ALL OF THEM! WE the people have had enough! WE are not taking it anymore. They do not want a ”tea party” party. They want the Republicans to become the party they once were! I believe people who voted independent were just disgusted with both parties, but does that really help? I never wanted Mccain, but voted for Palin! WE have to vote these idiots out soon. WE have alot of work to do, before the November elections. Please encourage everyone to get out there and be heard. THIS IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT. Read the Constitution. Our founding fathers did not want this tyranny that we are now facing. I had too many ancestors who fought for these rights. Most Dems haven’t even been outside of the USA. This is the greatest country in the world. I have lived overseas, and I kissed the ground when I came home. I was 21. I will be sending out this blog to some of my friends on the Republican chats. Esp the ones from NC.. So many people are disgusted with this usurper. Attend a tea party! There is a big convention in Nashville next week, for tea party members to learn of ACORN’S tactics. WE are sending 2 people there, and they will come back and teach us. Our Constitution classes are going great! The things we have learned are unreal. WE also pass out copies of the Constitution to people. So many ask, ”what has Obama done?” He has UNITED US! Keep on preaching kenyan boy! It’s time to fight these clowns with their own game. WE the people will not back down! to be continued………………………..

    • yukidongo Says:

      Well said, and thank you for visiting my blog. Your support is appreciated more than you know. As I said… I am trying to consider, seriously, a run for senate… I am putting ME out there.

  2. dianat7000 Says:

    Yukidongo you are welcome. You are aware, that WE the people need representatives who are NOT addicted to this nasty system that we have become. WE really need new blood in DC. I was really praying, for Brown to win that election. Honestly? I didn’t think we would get a state, that was so infested with the kennedy germs. My brother, many cousins, and my husband’s nephew live in Mass. They are all Republicans! If MA can do it, then I pray that the rest of the country wakes up! You have a way with words, You do not need a teleprompter…..You speak from the heart. So unlike dumbos. I keep thinking that the Obamas are going to skip town in the middle of the night? That would be funny. This idea of a revolution is a bit scary tho. Imagine what cities will be like? I thank GOD WE are not in one. When we saw Gingrich last April at Colgate University (there were over 1,000 people there), the very first thing he said was that if WE didn’t have GOD in our lives? WE have nothing. Our tea party has been studying ”the 5,000 year leap.” The book was recommended by Beck last year. It is an awesome book. WE have our classes at our library, and 2 people went to get the book and it was on loan–there was a waiting list! The book was written in 1981 too. Why are alot of democrats not running for office again?? The truth surely hurts. Personally, I think that Bama has done more damage to his own party, than to ours. WE love it. That election in the 23rd NYS district was a fraud. WE should have won. Fortunately, both senators’ seats are up this year. WE really think Schumer is wanting Reid’s job. Why is he always standing right behind him? No one I know up here likes him. Maybe they should have left that trial in NYC–it will wake up some of the idiot lieberals down there. Most of us wish that NYC was a separate state. I get so sick and tired of having to explain where I live…and have people say we are nothing but lieberals. NOT UP HERE! Still? WE have work to do! Look for the TEA PARTY EXPRESS to be coming through some of the states again. WE are growing by leaps and bounds!

  3. Hamer-usa7 Says:

    Yuki I agree with everything you said. The State of the Union was a joke! This president is obviously incapable of any mode other than “campaign” mode. Anybody who thinks for themselves and does not buy into the rhetoric can see that Mr. O cannot say anything other than what is on the teleprompter. It is insanely obvious how out-of-touch this guy is with the American people. I do not believe for one second that Obama is a charismatic speaker. I’m sure that his amazing talent to give speeches is due to his ability to read well and nothing more. He is a progressive socialist who has no intention of straying from his agenda to represent the American people. I’m actually thankful that Obama has not been able to accomplish anything. Furthermore, he even had a supermajority in congress, which means Obama had no excuses for not accomplishing any of the things he promised other than the fact that he flat out lied to the American people. Then, he talked down to us and somehow found a way to blame everyone (including the American people) but himself. Those people in D.C. tend to forget who put them there and who they should have to answer to. We are their bosses and many of them need to be fired. Our forefathers did not believe in the system of government we have in place today. “When the people fear the government, you have tyranny. When the government fears the people, you have liberty” (Thomas Jefferson). Our representatives no longer represent the people. They represent their agenda and special interests. It’s time to take back our country one seat at a time putting people in place who understand their position they have been entrusted with is a responsibility, not a privilege.


  4. yukidongo Says:

    You are so right. I had the part about the supermajority in this, It was getting long, and was actually a comment on someone else’s blog, so I took it out. Think I’ll skip the Presidency for awhile, though I believe I could handle it. That’s an IDEA for another blog–thanks… you just set the bells and whistles off! Please visit again and, I might mention, I have 3 other posts you might enjoy.

  5. dianat7000 Says:

    Yukidongo, keep stressing the fact that more people have to get out there to vote this year! I’m so tired of hearing that people never vote? No??? Then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! It is our right, that our soldiers have fought for, to give us this right —–to be FREE! I have signed up to work at the RNC. Still? We need both parties to wise up. They are alike lately, and it is unfortunate. I think most right and privileges of DC should be taken away. Back in the 1700s, most of them never even took a salary, or used their own monies (take that manchelle)—the Owebamas are nothing but a disgrace to this great country. And now, how many Haitians are being flooded into this country? It sickens us.

  6. yukidongo Says:

    I will make this point…. VOTE. And, if you don’t vote, then you are left to deal with the consequences. ALSO, and most importantly–If you are not out of town or overseas VOTE IN PERSON, don’t vote absentee ballots. They, at least here, are counted as a last resort, and are NOT TALLIED in the election results. They often are not counted for weeks, and sometimes aren’t counted unless the vote is too close to call at the polls. Last election, it was made so easy for anyone to absentee vote, and/or vote early.. Take yourself to the voting booth if you want to be sure your vote gets counted, whether it is early voting or election day. Your vote against growing government and the exploding deficit needs to be counted.

  7. Marie A Cole Says:

    Yukidongo! That a great job! I am so pleased that you decided to do this. And you know how much I agree with you.

    I will be sending you an email shortly. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Welcome to the blog-world!


  8. yukidongo Says:

    I was so glad to hear from you. You said, “therapeutic”,. You didn’t say, “addictive”. I watched the news all evening, and they just kept coming… I hope you got a chanc to peruse the other posts. I enjoyed writing them. Thank you. Helen

  9. BobatMexico Says:

    Excellent blogs. We can only hope that there are more people waking up to the problems. If you want to change the government, change the people in the government. Good luck on your future endeavors into the snake pit of government. You will have a lot of support.

    • yukidongo Says:

      Thanks Bob. I’m sorry you are having to work in Mexico for half the pay you were making in the US. As a Geologist who finds oil for the companies that have prospered from your labor, it is a shame that they could take advantage of the “no drilling” policy to force you out of work here and force you to have to find work in another country which is going to sell the oil to our competitors, or even to us for more than we could drill it for. People are wising up. I hear it more and more. I just hope it isn’t too little, too late….. We are at the “flashpoint”.

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