What actually happened to the 1-26-10 Obama trial…

I, like many of you, fell prey to the hope that there would be a trial presenting the evidence that Obama, and the DNC, Pelosi and others conspired to elect this man who is ineligible to be President.  There was, indeed, a trial date set. This is what happened.

Orly Taitz, et al, filed a petition in the U.S. District Court of Santa Ana, California. There were several motions throughout the year for dismissal, but in all fairness to the Hon. David O. Carter, who presided over the hearings, he did go forward with the proceedings through the scheduled October 2009 court date. There was a tentative date set for January 26th, 2010, if the issue was not previously resolved. Well, it was resolved. The case and evidence, while heard, were dismissed because Judge Carter stated that (to paraphrase) no court in this country has the power to remove a sitting president. That is the job of Congress and only they have the power to do so. This happened in October of 2009, and many of us missed it. The American Grand Jury continues its efforts to remove Obama as President asserting that they have his Kenyan birth certificate. And they do have a birth certificate with an infant foot print from the hospital in Mombassa, Kenya, with all the information that would and does appear on the ones he has provided for his election. At any rate, the case was dismissed.

My question is this… If the sitting President was “Ineligible” to be President in the first place, is he legally the sitting President? His records from Occidental College were released and he was a Foreign Exchange student claiming to be from Indonesia. He had to have a passport to back that up, and a birth certificate to back up the passport, don’t you think? I believe that maybe the courts could make a ruling on whether or not Obama was “eligible” to be President, and then leave it to Congress to proceed with whether or not to impeach him. So, why can’t we get a court to rule on the status of his eligibility? Why are we trusting th word of someone in Hawaii that he was born there, “because he has personally seen the records”? I saw two different birth certificates, from TWO different hospitals in Hawaii…hmmmm, maybe he was born at two places. Another miracle by the “ObaMessiah”. I will say this, though. I worked as a labor and delivery nurse in the 90’s. In the 60’s, inter-racial births were quite taboo—just a fact. Do you not think a doctor or nurse that was present at Obama’s birth would remember having been there? Why haven’t we heard from them? I remember every mother and child that came through my rooms…where are the people that were present at his Hawaiian birth? And, if he was born in Hawaii, how was his grandmother present at his Kenyan birth…hmmmm, more food for thought. Obama does not have the Hawaiian certificate of live birth signed by an attending physician. Not yet. But, he is the most powerful man in the world, right now. Is there anyone who doesn’t think one can be manufactured and suddenly be presented with the statement, “I told you I had it all the time”. What he does have is the standard issue “birth certificate” given to anyone that walked into the records office… not signed by a physician, because he wasn’t born in Hawaii. Sorry, there is too much evidence to the contrary. This man has played our system like a fine guitar. And, at some point, he and those complicit in his fraud will be found out, and prosecuted… You listening Pelosi? (et al?). Hopefully, folks, we will see this in the near future–before he and his progressive/socialist agenda destroy our nation.

I have one more thought to throw out there today….  How wise is it to alienate and persecute the C.I.A., and the Supreme Court Justices (at the state of the union address) when one group are the people that could, if they wanted to, gather the information and evidence necessary to present to the other group for a ruling that could throw you under the bus? It’s OK, though. In his arrogance and smugness, he thinks he has won. That’s what he told the republicans about healthcare…”I won”. Maybe, after Massachusetts he is re-thinking that, and maybe he should re-think his arrogant attacks on the Supreme Court, the American people, and the C.I.A.  Mr. Barry Sotoro aka Barack Obama, I have news for you—   It isn’t over…AND, YOU haven’t won.


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One Response to “What actually happened to the 1-26-10 Obama trial…”

  1. Hamer-usa7 Says:

    I wonder the same thing. I understand that congress is the only body capable of removing a president from office; however, a court should have the power to decide his eligibility. That evidence could be brought forth to congress and congress could then impeach the president.

    Also, being a guitarist myself, I agree that Obama played our system like a fine guitar, but what he played was tasteless and undeserving of our ears…

    No encore

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