What I’ve Learned

Many years ago, when I was 6, I was attending an elementary school in Alamogordo, New Mexico. While standing in the lunch line, a teacher asked several different children who their parents were voting for in the election between Goldwater and Johnson. So many children said Johnson, and when I was asked, I said I didn’t know–maybe Johnson, maybe Goldwater, but I didn’t know. I told my mother on arrival home that I had been asked and what I said. I was told then that the teachers had no business asking what party my parents were affiliated with or which person they were voting for. And, that my parents were not voting for Johnson. I have heard over the years that as young adults people tend to be more liberal in their thinking and politics and that they become more conservative over their lifetime. After much retrospect, I find that I don’t really believe that. At least it wasn’t true of me and many youth of that time. Our values were established by the influence of our parents. Lying was wrong. Education was a requirement. Working for a living was mandatory and education would determine if you had a good job later in life. Getting pregnant out of wedlock was taboo, not the norm. History included the Founding Fathers, the Revolution, religious freedom as the reason for founding our country, and the Tea Party–as a protest against “taxation without representation”. Now, subtly and insidiously, we are at a point where if you are ANY RELIGION other than CHRISTIAN, you have the freedom to express your beliefs. Prayer, the pledge of allegiance, the word “God”, and dicipline have been removed from schools and children are being indoctrinated into a liberal-progressive mind set. History is being re-written and twisted to brainwash our children, and new heroes are being glorified to suit the political agenda… My God, the heroes of our leaders include Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevera! The heroes of Hollywood include a madman named Chavez and the dictator Castro, whose own daughter lives in America and speaks of her father’s brutal tyranny over the people of Cuba. At any rate, after much thought, I know that I did the right thing taking my children out of school to home-school them for several reasons. First, they got a better education. I have two in college that are Dean’s list students and being offered scholarships to finish at various colleges. Next, they avoided the indoctrination into the New World Order way of thinking. The day my daughter, at 14, brought home a book they were using in class, which explained her “civil rights” in my home, I had had enough. I promptly explained to her that her rights in my home included food and water, a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and a good life as long as she followed the rules, did her chores, and attended school. Otherwise, it was my right to bust her butt, and her privilege to receive it. I managed to raise intelligent, mostly respectful children, who are now conservative young adults. Like me (and their dad) they are angry at the government that won’t listen to its people. They are outraged that we sit here and do without to make ends meet, working to the best of our ability, while others are sitting around drawing entitlements. They are angry that Mexican illegals are DEMANDING their rights in our country, and protesting in our streets while throwing rocks and bottles at the police who are there to simply maintain order, and while Al Sharpton is spewing his rhetoric about civil rights. I am proud to have passed on a legacy to my children that is now being called far right, or radical, and even bigoted, just because we don’t agree with policies of a black (not AFRICAN AMERICAN, but African Arab) president and his progressive cronies. What makes me even more proud is the fact that we can protest like civilized human beings and not the animals in the news today. We don’t spit. We don’t throw rocks and bottles. And we don’t vandalize capital buildings and piss in the streets. I learned that we have to instill values and morals in our children and not allow so many people to influence their lives and thinking–in other words, we have to be their parents, and we have to raise them. As far as politics, I learned that we can never rest again and allow the government to get too big for its britches. Never again can we allow them not to represent us. And while it is OK, to complain around the coffee maker, we can’t assume that those complaints will resolve themselves without us to push the issue… We have to act on our beliefs. Furthermore, we have to be the example for our children, and they need to be made aware of what makes this the greatest country in the world, and that is the differences. I learned that we have to stand up for those differences before we become those other countries… over taxed without representation, socialized, and with an indigent, illegal population to absorb our tax dollars in entitlements, while putting our other populations including minorities out of work. And, the final eureka moment I had is this… Once you empower the government to pass into law all the things that take your freedoms, it becomes a harder fight to get those freedoms back, because now there are unconstitutional laws in place to be enforced against you. I continue to hope for a resolution to the idiocy in Washington through the polls in November. People are seemingly patient to wait until then. God help us all if this progressive agenda continues, or if the Liberals pull some kind of amnesty for all the illegals, here again since the last amnesty, to weight the vote for the socialists in power at this time. Americans won’t take much more…Peacefully.


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3 Responses to “What I’ve Learned”

  1. Marie Says:


  2. hannah Says:

    let me try this posting again aah, AMEN to all you have said! thank God i have never gone through that growing up. we were never asked who we were to vote for, or by our parents? my parents were strict republicans, and they were very poor people! they taught us well. they worked hard, and kept what was theirs. every dem president has been a fool. read your history people, before they change or get rid of it altogether. i emailed the gov of az, to thank her for what they are doing. this fight has to continue. i still cannot believe the lieberals are still so stupid. obama does not care about anyone, except himself. when it gets real bad? who will they blame then..us?? bush, palin?? this stupidity has to go. Thanks for having this blog too!!!

    • yukidongo Says:

      Thanks, Hannah, for commenting and visiting my blog. Have you heard? Texas is considering the same type of law as AZ. I have heard all the democratic, civil rights propaganda, but there is nothing in the new law that will be racial profiling if they do it correctly. The only way the police will have contact with the illegals (or anyone else) is if they are breaking a law or traffic violation. We all get asked for ID. Tough boogies if they don’t have it.

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