Give Me a Break!

Once again, the main stream media and the President are trying to stir racial tension. It wasn’t enough he basically accused the police in Ohio of being racists when they arrested his friend, and rightfully so, after he became abusive toward both a white police officer and a black police officer, they are deliberately trying to egg on the illegal population and the looney tune liberals that would hand them our country on a silver platter. There is a correct way to immigrate AND ASSIMILATE. People were proud to work hard to become Americans in the past, and now they want to come illegally, demand their “rights”, and sue us in court if we squeak about them being here. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever needed just a little help? I mean, maybe a few months of food stamps, or medicaid? I know what the response was… Delayed, while you jumped through the hoops, as you observed a 4:1 ratio of Mexican illegals in the waiting room being called back to get aide for their “anchor baby” children that are bankrupting the system that won’t often help WHITE Americans. There! I’ve said it. It is the God’s truth. I see it every day, first hand. And, recently, while out of work due to a knee injury, I applied for public assistance. 28 days later, I called to follow up on the application. I was told, “Well, your application is about to expire…”. I was made to get even more information from my employer.  Finally, I called and spoke with a different case worker. I asked her this: “Does NO MONEY in my family mean something different than it means in someone else’s family? Just because I’m an American, should I have to provide a different list of paper trail and proof than the illegals sitting in your waiting room?” She pulled my application, looked it over, apologized and got me some food stamps for a month. The issue was, they saw that I was a nurse and I should be able to support myself, but they just couldn’t seem to get the idea that I hadn’t worked in 10 weeks when I finally swallowed my pride to ask them for help. I returned to work a few weeks later, and called them to cancel any future stamps. I didn’t take more than I needed. On the other hand, MSNBC, ABC, and others are filming this Mexican family in Arizona… Goes like this: “We’re here filming 15 years of living out on the sidewalk for sale. The Rodriguez (not their real name) family doesn’t feel welcome here anymore.”  The Rodriguez family has NEVER been welcome here. They didn’t come here legally. The news anchor continues: “8 year old Consuela (not her real name) is crying. She has just said goodbye to her best friend Juanita, whose family left this morning for California.”  Yeah, like California needs ANOTHER illegal family of immigrants to support… Aren’t they bankrupt and asking the Federal government for my tax dollar, and yours, to bail them out for the illegals they support already??? But I digress… Then, the news anchor introduces Isabel Rodriquez. “Where will you go?” She replies that she and her family are going to Colorado…”. Sorry Colorado. You must have needed a few more mouths to feed. How many mouths? Get this. Isabel and her husband have been here 15 years. They have 10, count them: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10  American born children! Once again, THAT WAS TEN!!! All of the children were covered by Medicaid. That’s FREE insurance. No it’s not. That’s my tax dollars, and yours, once again spent for something other than my welfare or yours. And, if you haven’t done the math on those kids, she had to pop out a child every 1.5 years to have 10 in 15 years. And then, the camera pans through the yard at the stuffed animals and toys, but you see the mini van and pick up truck in the background being loaded with the Vizio 48 inch, hi-def, flat screen TV, and happen to notice that the vehicles they are driving are nicer than the ones in 85% of American driveways. No issue with that, until you think about the assistance they are receiving and then compare that to the value of the vehicles. When several illegal families live together, they split the living costs, send a majority of their money back to Mexico, and are living off of our social assistance programs, while the jobless American families are losing their homes, living out of their cars (if they are lucky) and unable to get assistance–because they don’t have AN ADDRESS that can be verified by an electric bill, water bill, phone bill, you get my drift. An illegal that has one American born child does not have to produce anything more than an address and that child’s birth certificate and social security number. They are asked if they are working, and a simple “no” is all they provide. They have to prove nothing. I am so tired of the pitty party being thrown by the media and the President for ILLEGAL aliens. I think it is outstanding that Arizona passed a law to ENFORCE the FEDERAL laws. I think it is high time those laws were passed elsewhere. Lord, I suggested checkpoints at all roads entering NC 15 years ago. I suggested they ask for a valid driver’s license…just like the Arizona law states the police are allowed to ask for if someone comes under suspicion. They DO NOT have to produce a birth certificate if they have a driver’s license, or if they happen to be visiting from Mexico, a passport. Now, they are raging in the streets, throwing rocks and bottles at the police, demanding their rights, and smearing re-fried beans on the capitol building, while the media plays them as the victims of a bigoted and racist sect in America–usually the Tea Party, or republican conservatives. We are not only racists and bigots, but the Department of Homeland Security is suggesting that we might be domestic terrorists. Meanwhile, the rioting and destruction goes on in Arizona, and the Army Battallion that is training for “civil unrest” under a special Executive Order will become active in October, a month before the mid-term elections. Their job? To deal with potential violence from the conservative right. You know… like the group of about 200, that the President had the Secret Service call the S.W.A.T. team out on for chanting outside the auditorium where he was speaking.  To ILLEGALS:  You need to start packing up your stuff and leaving peacefully, because most of us are supporting no nonsense, hard line conservatives in November. If we vote them in, dealing with illegal immigration will be a top priority after repealing the health care nightmare. I don’t mean AMNESTY. I mean enforcing our laws and securing our borders. We are a great country because we are a country of laws. Our Constitution defines those laws, and we are within OUR RIGHTS to enforce them. If you think we are violating their rights, go online and see what happens to you if you are in Mexico illegally, or any other country for that matter, and tell me why we are expected to continue to absorb and support a population that doesn’t want to be American, just to live here without paying taxes, having babies, and taking the best of what this country has to offer without learning the language.  I suggested to an illegal man that I knew because I was working to care for his daughter, that he see about joining the military. I suggested this because he was always telling me he wanted to be an American, and told me how lucky I was to have “la tarjeta de social seguridad”. I told him maybe if he would be willing to fight for America he could get his citizenship. He told me “no”. Said, “Why I want to fight for you country? You problemas no mi problemas…no”.  In other words, he wouldnt fight for America to earn citizenship. America’s problems weren’t his problems. He wanted the bennies without the difficulties.  One final note:  Legal immigrants have health checks. That is to protect us from TB, measles, mumps, etc. The things we are vaccinated for as infants. Because they have not been immunized, there are increasing numbers of outbreaks of the infantile viruses in adult populations. Our vaccines were not to last for life, but through the dangerous years. Now, as adults, we are being exposed because our titer is down and catching the diseases. Measles, mumps, no biggy, right? Wrong. They cause more damage to adults. But, hey, I’m just belly aching about nothing… When they bring Ebola virus across our unsecured border areas, intentionally or unintentionally, everyone locked in their homes, unable to work, quarantined or hiding from the disease, will understand why they needed to enforce the laws. Illegal means NOT LEGAL, and it was made illegal for a reason.


2 Responses to “Give Me a Break!”

  1. Marie Says:

    Oh yeah! My feelings exactly. Just wait until November. It will be here before the liberals know it! Bennett from Utah was just the first one to fall. There will be others! Many others!

  2. hannah Says:

    Every day, this crap gets worse and worse. Here in NYS, u should see the gov workers protesting! They should put that much energy, into the so-called work they never do. This time, I agree with gov Paterson. Why should gov workers receive all those perks?? They make more than enuf money and have fantastic benefits–oh, and most of them are ”minorities” who sit on their asses being snotty to all of us. Throw them all out, just like I pray happens in DC very soon. That man infuriates me more and more every minute. He goes to a college to deliver a speech and what does he do? He CAMPAIGNS! I’m so sick of hearing how everything is still Bush’s fault! Get over it obama. I wonder how much longer normal people are going to be able to take this stuff. These illegals are a total disgrace, popping out jumpimg beans every year. Too many AMERICANS here, need help, not them! When will it end, H?????????????????

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