Kagan…No Real Mystery

I have listened to so much about the new Appointee to the Supreme Court. I have learned that “she plays a good hand of poker, likes softball, and has never been a judge before.”  Now, I don’t think it is necessarily a requirement to have been a judge, and some of the better and more memorable justices of the High Court were never “judges” before their nomination. However, the liberal media and the President are hiding behind this woman’s lack of record or paper trail, while touting her as the best thing since sliced bread. This is the hokiest production ever put on–OOPs, short of Pelosi carrying the huge gavel to pass the health care bill into law, and the forced smile she has whenever she has “to play nice” with Senator Reid, whom she obviously detests. Back to the appointee… Take a look at all of the cabinet members and czars of the OBAMA regime. The science czar, and health care czars, the former “green” czar, His primary cabinet advisors, his current and past affiliates and associates, and Kagan is no mystery. She will be pro-abortion, even late term and partial. She will be for equalizing and redistributing the wealth. And, because she is younger, she will have many years, and many administrations to influence the interpretation of laws. She was picked deliberately because she HAS NO PAPER TRAIL. Obama does not want America, the Senate, or Congress to know a diddly damn thing about her, and if she is as vague as the last one at answering questions, they will succeed at their evasion of placing probably one of the most dangerous Justices on the Supreme Court that ever lived. I think she will be more of a threat than the last. Justice Sotomayor was at least fairly honest about where she stood on those issues, and she did admit that her latino, female heritage and upbringing did add to an inate bias, and to her credit, doesn’t the way we were raised and whether we are male or female have some effect on the way we see and interpret things? However, she will have to control the extent to which she lets it color her interpretation of the Constitution. This new appointee, will get a pass. There are other battles in play, for one thing, and battles lost that taint the way America feels about Congress and the Senate. Pollsters interpret (incorrectly) the anger in America, as us being disgusted with the lack of bi-partisanship. So, to appear more like sandlot buddies, the republicans are going to put this woman on the Supreme court–well, as if they could really stop it without something crawling out from under a rock to sink her boat. But, they, just like the pollsters, think if they can get along on issues such as this Americans won’t be as angry because it will indicate some amount of agreement in Washington. NEWSFLASH– Wrong!!! This is how we got into this predicament in the first place. Shady deals, shady judges, and corrupt government. This is the mind-set that has made us all prisoners of “Politically correct” to the letter and beyond. This is why we are fighting to keep crosses on military graves, trying to determine that a flag shirt is free speech, and when human life “actually starts.” Laws have been twisted in a liberal spiral so badly that the Constitution is cheaper than the toilet paper you use, and they are using it to…well, you get my drift. This Kagan woman will be for affirmative action, as well. Isn’t that all part of equalizing and re-distributing, and making sure that those that can’t pass the tests because of laziness or color can still get the best picks of jobs? She will be a big player when it comes to lawsuits in front of the Supreme Court for the Health care dodgers, the ones who feel it is unconstitutional and a violation of their rights–like me for example. NO, Kagan is no mystery… She reads like a box label, and may have some fine print, but you don’t have to read to read into the decision that was made in appointing her. She is in Obama’s corner–no, in his pocket. Wait and see. The only good thing about her appointment at this time is that she makes “3” liberal Justices. There is another, thought to be moderate, who more often votes with the liberal justices. That makes “4”. So, that means that actually the balance of the justices are conservative. Hopefully she can’t do much harm, even in conjunction with the other liberal justices. I am just sad to see law potentially coming from the Supreme Court, where they aren’t supposed to make, but interpret laws relative to the Constitution. Obama picked her, because as we have seen before, she makes policy from her position, and she is more radically liberal than Sotomayor ever thought of being…like banning the military recruiters from her campus? Let me lay this out one more time:
Abortion rights. Mirandizing terrorists. Economic sanctions and lawsuits against government actions; ie: health care, banking regulations, Cap and Tax challenges, etc. Obama is crazy–like a fox. He is appointing yet another STAIN on the garb of the Supreme Court whose job it is to INTERPRET laws, not legislate from the bench for a political agenda. We can only pray that no one else retires before his term is over, or our entire system of checks and balances will be toppled.


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