To: President Caldaron

Dear President Calderon…
You were greeted so warmly by our brain dead, idealogue of a President. Yes, somewhere in Kenya a village is missing their idiot. Just thought I should let you know, that you missed your window of opportunity, as far as making any changes in the status quo of immigration reform. Since the Idiot in Chief decided to go against the majority of the American population and ram health care down our throats, the winds of change have blown through this nation at hurricane force, and the “hopey changey thingy” that started taking away our pride in America’s standing as a country is about to be reversed. It is a very sad day, indeed, when the looney left in power allows you to, basically, lobby our government on behalf of the illegal population of your countrymen that you really don’t want in your country either. I don’t know what that Chicago style mobster promised you, but I can promise you that the borders are closer each day to being enforced, and our next President won’t be apologizing to you for trying to enforce our laws. I find it hippocrytical on your part that you would question our “due process” of illegal immigrants, when your own laws for illegal immigration are much harsher, and do not involve any form of respect for the individual’s civil rights. Personally though, I would prefer to use your laws for illegal immigration–it would be much cheaper than court costs and attorney fees paid for by, you guessed it, people like me–the American taxpayer. I see no reason to prove in court that someone is illegal before we deport them when we already know that they are illegal because they have no legal ID, no birth certificate, and they speak no English. I realize that your country would lose vast sums of money, as the illegals working here are sendin billions to Mexico annually. I have a question for you, though, why are you standing up for the right of Mexicans in MY country to stay here? Just the fact that you tried to influence my elected lawmakers pisses me off. You have no right to continue to force an indigent population onto my country for my tax dollars to take care of. They cost us billions, while sending billions to Mexico. Education, medical care, food stamps, and jobs. It is time for border enforcement and deportation. As I mentioned earlier, you should have brought your agenda ahead of the health care debacle. The liberals might have championed your cause. Now, with every seat in our congress up for grabs in November, and the shift of American sentiment back to Freedom and strengthening of our Constitution, the socialists that would hand you our country on a silver platter will be hesitant to perform the “magic of amnesty” on your people. Call me a bigot, racist, readneck, potential right wing terrorist, or whatever you want. My hispanic sis-in-law will find it amusing. See, it’s not just me–the right wing conservative–that is enraged at your brazen move, but 2 centuries of immigrants who came here legally. I can promise you this… There will be changes to our laws, but it will be a change for enforcement with the sentiment of the country as it exists today. I guess you wasted your breath on a bunch of people who won’t be in office after November. And, next time you want to speak to YOUR people, just tell them to come home, don’t lobby MY government!


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2 Responses to “To: President Caldaron”

  1. hannah Says:

    i tried to comment on your previous statement, but it kept coming up ”error, not found.” whatever aol. i really think aol is messing with our computers. if the usa did this in other countries–and WE HAVE THAT RIGHT, since we take care of all of them…………….there would be effigies of bush in the streets. but no, mexico can get away with anything. there have been too many diseases coming into this country since all these inbreds have rushed across our borders. it has to stop. power to the gov of arizona! i hope other states follow suit, and fast. this village idiot is doing what he planned on doing. today, he is in calif helping boxer? great barry–u have a good record. i cannot wait for november, or as we call it here, no DEM ber!

  2. yukidongo Says:

    Yes, he is doing exactly what he said he would do. And, sadly, there are still those with their hand out waiting for him to redistribute the wealth, while he bankrupts America, and sets the stage for another AMNESTY that will forever change the political demographics of this country. Come on, Nodember……

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