“Halal” Foods–YOU are eatig them…

It has come to my attention after a great deal of research, that the American public is eating “Halal” foods. You say, “What?!”. Halal foods are foods that are “lawful”, “permitted”, or “allowed” by the Islamic/Muslim faith. In the Biblical Old Testament, there were foods that were not allowed. They were considered unclean, and an abomination to God. Swine, anything that had paws, shellfish, and blood were not to be consumed. Well, Islam was formed by Mohammad as he “out of the blue” had revelations from Allah. Before this he was oriented to both Christianity and the Jewish religions. His cult sprung from those two religions, and so, many of the foods that were unclean were the same. However, he by-passed some of the “unclean” foods by saying:

a) Allah Most High says: “Eat not of (meats) over which Allah’s name has not been pronounced. That would be impiety.” (al-An’ am, V. 121)

The above text is clear in determining the necessity of taking the name of Allah when slaughtering, and the unlawfulness of the animal when it is left out, as the major Qur’anic commentators explain.

b) Allah Almighty says: “They ask you what is lawful for them (as food). Say: Lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure and what you have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah. Eat what they catch for you and pronounce the name of Allah over it.” (al-Ma’idah, V.4)

But, I digress. According to Islamic teaching, foods have to be “halal” for them to be eaten by Muslims. That means that a prayer to Allah must be said while the animal–whatever it is–is being slaughtered.  The prayer? ‘Bismillah Allah-hu-Akbar,’ which means ‘In the name of Allah, who is the greatest.’ 

Think about this, now, we are not just talking about slaughter, but the prayer over the slaughter offering it up as sacrifice to ‘The all high, Greatest Allah’. So, you are eating meat that has been offered to a god. As a Christian or Jew, does this, or should this bother you? Well, it bothers me, as a Christian, and I can only imagine someone at a bar mitzvah finding out that the meat is “halal”. I found out that a lot of the lamb/sheep that comes from Scandinavian countries is blessed halal, with a large proportion of it being exported to the middle east, and to an appreciative population. However, much of it makes its way to America, too, and other countries. As someone who follows Christian doctrine, I can say that it disturbs me. If I think Biblically, then this food has been offered and blessed to a false god, or IDOL. I am more incensed at the idea that they are getting over on us, than I am worried about the food being blessed to Allah. The food industry. Catering to or pandering to the muslims, while not disclosing the “halal-ness” of the product, which some may find offensive. It is in Subway sandwich shops (in CT), has turned up in McDonald’s chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches in the UK, and is in your meat department.  Halal meats are sold at COSTCO, and well marked as such. Manufacturers are also making package foods that are halal.  They defend this as just reaching out to a market that could otherwise not find halal foods. Hmmmm, would they have to return to the middle east to eat if the manufacturers didn’t cater to them? Or, would they assimilate and adapt as previous immigrants have had to do? Now, they have taken pork out of most school menus to keep from offending muslims… Turn your head if it bothers you what I eat is how I feel, because I don’t give a damn what you eat, or whether it bothers you what I eat. Why are we catering to the few? My point with the last statement is, why are they insidiously slipping me the halal? Why don’t they make it a point to tell me and allow me the choice to eat or not eat something that has been, for all intents and purposes offered to a false god/idol according to my religious upbringing? At least, if I choose Kosher, it is the same God, and it is well marked as Kosher. Speaking of which, what kind of jihad do you think might happen if you knowingly sold KOSHER to a muslim??? Oh and, you just conveniently forgot to tell him.

Aaaah, got you thinking, hunh? That’s what I’m basically talking about, only in the reverse. They wouldn’t like it, but we are supposed to tolerate that, and the suppression of Christian beliefs in a country founded by Christians. I offer this as a “heads up” to those of you not aware of it before. I personally feel like it doesn’t make a damn, whether or not, meat is halal. Why? Well, don’t I bless it to the nutrition of my body in the name of the Lord, Jesus? Hey, if they blessed it, then I re-blessed it, then I feel like I’ve trumped their Aces. So, for me, I don’t personally care if meat is halal. But, there are those that are more Biblically directed by the scriptures in their eating, and may not feel that re-blessing their food before consumption is enough. For them, they take the sacrifice aspect of halal as idolatry. It is forbidden. You can “google” restaurants that cater to the muslim population with “halal” foods. I have nothing against them eating as they wish, but it becomes a different matter when we are sneaked halal foods, and we may “not wish”. And, I believe it boils down to the ever loving dollar. See, by distributing food that is halal, there is a market to a population that otherwise could not consume their product, and the wimpy Christians with little political support, who are being trounced in court every day, don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining. Hey, and I can only imagine someone Jewish trying to sue. You know what, America? You better wake up. I know you will say I am intolerant, racist, bigoted, or any one of many slurs. But, you better start reading about Mohammad, Islam, and the Muslims. You better start understanding what they BELIEVE–all of them, not just the extremists. This is just another avenue toward achieving their “Western Mecca”. Inch by inch, step by step, and when you are facing sharia law in the future, remember it started with taking pork off the school menu, putting foot baths for Muslim religious purposes in our universities, and slipping halal food into the food market without our knowledge. I mean, how hard is it to put on a stamp, sticker, or label that offers us a choice?


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2 Responses to ““Halal” Foods–YOU are eatig them…”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    I’m have nothing to do with this site (The Jawa Report – http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/) but they are dedicated to fighting muslim extremism and keeping us aware of the spread of extremist ideology… it’s worth a read, if you don’t already know of it.

    see this bit of trivia… it also tells volumes:
    “Islamic Law states that it is a mortal sin to eat the flesh of a lamb that you have had sex with…”

    “In Lebanon it is legal to have sex with animals, but they must be female…”

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

    • yukidongo Says:

      Yeah, and only in that religion is the reward for martyrdom defiling virgins in the company of Allah. Mohammad was a very warped individual, if you ask me… Thank you so much for stopping by. As you can see, I have some very politically incorrect ideas. As fr as fighting muslim extremism, there is no such thing. What we call “moderate” belives the same thing as the “extreme”, knowing and believing every word of the Qu’ran. The difference is the Jihad. There are two types. The warring and terroristic (extreme, for our label), and the sheer numbers (moderates). The whole point of the second is to increase numbers in the population until they have a voice that requires representation, and to gradually encroach on our food, beliefs, and laws. They have collapsed other societies in the same way. We have a President who has stated publicly that some aspects of Sharia law should be integrated into our laws. We have liberal/progressive/socialists that call us racists and bigots, and religiously intolerant. They are ignorant of the facts and force feeding their crap to public school kids. See, it doesn’t matter how “nice” they are to you, YOU are an infidel, and “unclean”. No better than the animals they can’t eat, or lower. I am very experienced with “moderate muslims”. As a nurse, I worked in their homes. Matter of fact, just read my next blog, and I will tell that story tonight. Come again, soon!

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