Let Me See If I Get This…?

Right now, food is going up, gas was going down–but is going back up, housing is still bottomed out, energy prices are going up, Obama is funding more solar factories and green jobs, approximately 25% (actually) of America is unemployed, and the White House is considering ANOTHER stimulus, and telling us that because of the Bush tax cuts that were left in place, I should be able to weather the higher costs of gas, food, and living. WTF!? I haven’t had a raise in 5 years–because of the economy. I have lost work hours–because of the economy and the healthcare law. This means that directly because of policies of this administration, I am bringing home less money–but I got to keep the tax money from Bush’s tax breaks, that they swear they need to balance the budget. It Is MY money…not yours Obama. YOU are not entitled to it just because you can’t see that spending America’s way out of debt is never going to work. I have little left after paying just the bare minimum: a mortgage, lights, water, a car payment, and the gas to get to and from work… Food, is the most basic and least spent on. We are hard pressed to survive, here, and you have no clue. There is no commonality or reality in your level of contact with the middle American taxpayer.

And, I do pay taxes. There seems to be a misunderstanding about taxes and “taxpayers”, too. If you pay into the IRS and get a full refund, you are not a taxpayer. If you pay little or nothing into the IRS and get back a full refund and a tax income CREDIT, you are not a taxpayer. If you pay into the IRS, and get back ANYTHING LESS than what they collected through payroll tax–you are a taxpayer. I work 6 days a week–9 to 12 hr shifts. Sounds good, right? Well, I get hit for 300.00 a week or more for taxes. Take that out 52 weeks and it is 15,600.00. That is 4 months of my salary, working no less than 60 hours a week. I got a whopping 3,500.00 back combined from Federal and State. I support two other unemployed families that include two grandchildren, and a son that still lives at home working a part time job. Before you say use some “tough Love”, it is not their choice to be unemployed. We live in NC, the 3rd hardest hit state in America for jobs. The two families I support of the home, had jobs until construction jobs crashed. They look daily for work, and there is just nothing out there. For every job that is posted, there are 600+ applicants, and guess what? The employers are hiring the more experienced because they can pay them minimum wage, without benefits, and tell them that there is someone else who wants a job if they aren’t happy with that.

Now, we are at a stand still as far as the Debt Ceiling. I say don’t raise it. Cut spending. Cut the salaries of the politicians and President. Cut the CZARS out of the picture, and get down to the business of revising and phasing out entitlements. It has to be done, and for God’s sake, get rid of the healthcare law at the earliest opportunity. On August 2, the President is indicating–with Geithners help–that he has the power to step in and raise it without Congressional input. Congress is the power that makes the laws and legislates spending. No other power. It is time that this President quit thumbing his nose at our Constitution, and balance of power. He has made an end run around Congress with “Executive Orders”, since the turnover of power in the 2010 landslide election. He has sided with a foreign power against one of our sovereign states, suing Arizona. Many of his actions, if looked at a little more closely and compared to existing law are treasonous… With the fact that he has spent 6 Trillion dollars in the last two years, which is more than President Bush spent on two wars and two hurricanes and during the entire 8 years of his Presidency, everything he is doing seems to indicate his willful destruction of our country. Against the advice of almost every economist in the country he continues to spend, bail out, release oil from the reserves, print monopoly money, and put out the same old tax and spend party line that the Democrats have always had, except that he is calling it investing in America. It is time that if he makes one more decision contrary to the Congress that he be looked at seriously for impeachment. Hell, it was time for that when he had Arizona sued. It’s been time for that since he started us into a WAR with Libya without Congressional approval, and since the time frame ran to enact the War Powers Act. So, he doesn’t want to be in a war with Iraq, so he drew down the troops and sent them to Afghanistan. Now, against the advice of his Generals, he is drawing down the troops because he doesn’t want to be in Afghanistan–finished or not. But, at the same time, he is half assed fighting a war in Libya, where we had no business anyway.

So, now he is campaigning and has played golf for the last 13 weeks while he wasn’t jet-setting around the world with his head up his ass embarrassing himself with his total ignorance of foreign etiquette and protocol. All I want to know is how can anyone seriously think of voting for this ignorant man again. Ignorant is a nice term, because that might imply that he is doing all of this accidentally…just doesn’t know any better. I actually think it is intentional and that he falls under the term of traitor, and that treason is easily applicable for what is is doing to this country. Meanwhile, he looks down his nose at those of us who are killing ourselves working, can’t afford to eat because of higher prices directly related to the insane policies he is enacting, He joshed that the “shovel ready jobs weren’t as ready as they anticipated”. Well, we knew that. Shovel ready meant government contract jobs. With 25% of America out of work, how many shovel ready jobs did he think there were? These were jobs that were already contracted out and waiting for funding. They weren’t even potential for new hiring. Those contractors already have their employees! It has been one lie after another. One mis-spent trillion after another. And now, he wants to raise taxes for the debt ceiling, rather than seriously cut spending. AND, he is considering ANOTHER stimulus! Well, fellow taxpayer, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of paying for the greater good. I need to live myself, and am really starting to resent the people living on entitlements from birth to death. It is time to turn America around, and it is time that Congress started to seriously look at how far they are going to let this traitor go before they seriously drop the impeach word. Hey… Look at it like this… Clinton was impeached for screwing Monica Lewinski and lying about it. Isn’t America tired of being screwed by Obama and him lying about it?


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4 Responses to “Let Me See If I Get This…?”

  1. Bob Edinger Says:

    Well said. We should all get together and compile a comprehensive list of everything about this quasi-president. From his criminal friends, terrorist friends, his treasonous acts,his failings, his embarrassing the US, and all the other things we constantly hear. There is something new almost every day. Then we need to get the list to Michelle Bachmann, even if she is compiling her own.

  2. My website Says:


    Somethings need to be commented on, this is one of those issues. Thank you so significantly…

    • yukidongo Says:

      Thank you. I visited your webpage, and found it informative, and interesting. good information. Sound. Wanted to comment, but all of your “buttons” are in Kanji. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. How many calories blog Says:

    what can i say?…

    Fanatastic post! Makes me change my embargo on commenting…

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