Hours later, And the VERDICT is IN… NOT GUILTY

Guilty of lying to police and authorities…Not Guilty on everything else. Now, the media is continuing to try the case…Already I’ve heard that a child is dead and someone who caused her a horrible death is going to go unpunished. Why is it so easy to believe that she died horribly, and that it wasn’t a drowning? Because the mother, Casey, did the idiotic lying and hiding of the body. She DID lie! Pathologically. But, there was nothing in her past, and even up to the point that Caylee disappeared, any indication that she EVER abused her or did not love her. The verdict, while not what “everyone expected”, is fair. There was no evidence, and there should have been if indeed it was, of a murder. Lying, and improper disposal of a body. That’s it. That was all they had, and that’s all they ended up with. All that is left is sentencing. She has been in jail for three years, and at most would have only a few months left to serve on the lying charges. I would normally guess that she would be out, shortly, on time served. In this case, though, she is to be sentenced by a judge who bent over backwards to bias the jury and assist the prosecution’s case. I have no idea what he will do, for sure, but suspect he will let her finish her sentence out with time served, plus what she still owes for the lying charge. I just don’t believe he is going to be bigger than his beliefs, and I think he believes she killed Caylee. There will be no “breaks”. I guess we will find out Friday when she is sentenced. What ever the case may be, the verdict is the verdict. A jury of her peers found her not guilty. Doesn’t matter what any of us believe, she is “NOT GUILTY”. And, for the defense attorney, Biaz, I have to say he is a gracious man. He took the charges of “incompetence” from HIS peers and judges as commentators on news show, and then summarily took the prosecutor’s case apart in closing arguments. Then, he said little, smiled graciously, praised our Constitution and laws, and left after the verdict. I am going to bed now, as I have to work tonight, but as I turn the TV off there are people saying “If this was New York she’d be hung”, and “HOW, HOW, can they not find her guilty…”. It’s over folks. And, so is her life and that of her family for all intents and purposes as they knew it. If they were dysfunctional before, they will fall apart, now. Too much was said to take back. Too much is in the public eye to show their faces without wondering who’s staring and for what reason. God, I’d hate to be in their shoes. And, worst of all, there is Caylee. Gone. I’m sure the truth will come out inside their home–whatever it may be–but it won’t bring the child back. And, the resentment for being dragged through Hell and back 2 or 3 times, compounded with the loss of that child, is not something that is going to go away. What did they sacrifice for the loss of the one and the salvation of the other?


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