On Casey Anthony… So, hate me …Before the Verdict

I heard it when it first started. I heard things about a ladder that was next to the pool long before they ever suspected the child was dead. I told my husband that the child drowned. Why…? Because the Mom, if you remember the early breaking news, had made a flurry of phone calls to her mom’s and dad’s cell phones that were unanswered. The time frame was about an hour of non-stop calls…with no answer. Mind you, this is long before the media circus and her trial by media and public. Why, you ask, did she cover it up… Obviously, first she is probably bi-polar, and there are very real medical tests to prove or disprove that. But, probably because she was scared. This child was the center of the world for that family, and HOW could she tell them she had let her drown. Which brings me to my next point… What was she doing? Was it something she shouldn’t have been? Had a guy over? Smoking pot? Drinking? Anything that caused her to fall asleep and leave the child unattended? How…How could she tell them the truth. Mind you, this is conjecture, and Lord only knows that the press and the prosecution would have you hate her. She appears cold, and unfeeling. But, would you believe her any more if she was sobbing and professing her innocence? No, I doubt it. Did she act like “it was all about her” and her inconvenience in Jail? SURE! Do any of you have children that age, from a generation of children we have raised to feel entitled and inconvenienced? I see that in kids every day. Easily explained… She thought Mom and Dad could fix it for her–just like every other little thing in her life–just like we (most of us) have done all through school, and the lives of our children. Just my take on her expectations.

Now, she is on trial for her life and it is in the jury’s hands. The prosecution did not prove their case–even if I hadn’t had one of my cognitive flashes about the child drowning. First, they did not prove she ever USED or MADE chloroform. Why was there no trace of it in something IN the house? It should have been in something if she was making it and storing it. The trunk had “traces”. Depends on which expert you want to believe, too. One said it was naturally occurring in those amounts. Another thing that might have caused it is the possibility that she had Chlorine on her when she was put in the trunk. I have checked it out…you research it. See how that breaks down with the deterioration of the body and the artificial fibers–you might be surprised. Prosecution should have done their homework, and the defense brought forth an expert who did. Next, we keep coming back to the damn tape. 3 pieces of 2 inch duct tape laid edge to edge (if not wider tape) would have covered that child’s entire face. IF it was indeed over her FACE, HOW did that creepy cable guy put a stick into the eye socket of the skull and pick it up. Why was the skull out of the bag? How did it get that way. The prosecution puts the remains INSIDE the bag for all intents and purposes. Yet, this guy states that he “saw something white and round, and went to check it out”. He mentions no duct tape on it, and the prosecutor never asked HIM about the position of the duct tape. At some point during the investigation, I had even heard that the tape was “stuck to the small amount of hair that remained on the skull.” Initially, there was little mention of it being other than in the bag, on the hair. Also, the prosecution made a big deal of the fact that the defense said it was a
BOTCHED autopsy because the skull could have yielded valuable information if it had been opened like it should have been during the autopsy performed by our favorite TV personality, Dr. G. I love how she could find no cause of death, but could offer her “forensic opinion” (as fact) that there is no reason to put duct tape on a child’s face–when in fact we don’t have any proof that the duct tape was ever on the face. It was hanging from the hair. Now, the prosecutor said the jaw might have fallen off, or they might have broken the skull had they tried to open it—GET REAL! Of course the skull might break, but you are going to crack it open and break it anyway! However, what if the man who found the WHITE, round thing, and poked a stick through the eye socket, picked it up and the jaw did fall off? Might it be plausible that if there were a bit of duct tape in the bag or on it that maybe he could have re-enforced the jaw a little with it? That is if you believe it was ever even on the skull at all. They have no pictures of it in that state. They showed no pictures in that state. That guy isn’t going to say that not only did he know where the body was, and that he moved it, poked it around, and tampered with it on several occasions, that he put duct tape on the jaw or something to fix the damage from his meddling–if indeed it was ever there. I actually do lean toward the possibility that he may have even moved the bag, etc., away from the actual spot and put it back. That area was searched too many times for them not to have previously found it. I think that with all the search effort going on, maybe he found it, moved it to keep someone else from claiming the money/reward, and had to wait for the search to die down to put it back. The place was crawling with dogs, cops, searchers, and media. It makes better sense that he moved it after he called the cops and they didn’t find it on his “phone directions”, because Cindy Anthony requested that the area be searched “the EXACT area and spot where the body was found”. Yet, they found NOTHING. I submit that there was no body there. I think if you are in the exact spot where something is later found, you would have seen a bag of that size and a skull (which if that is what caught his eye) lying close. I then ask myself, “Did ANYONE testifying in that trial tell the truth”? Body language, wiggling, shifting in the seat, diverting their gaze, and other things–like hesitation in their yes or no answers when they knew full well what answer they had given before–marked witnesses on both sides as dodging the truth, if not out and out lying.

Then, there is the film of Dad and Casey at the jail… What is he apologizing for? It is so out of place. Did he molest her? Who knows. But, what is he apologizing for? The brother? That is a different story. I get a real sense that there was some incest in that case. Inapropriate responses by him to situations, and the fact that the family excluded him and he was incensed and hurt at not being included in the knowledge that she was pregnant, and later the pregnancy itself. And why, BEFORE the defense EVER came out with any charges against him, did the prosecution and FBI do DNA to see if he was Caylee’s father? There was some reason. Someone had to put that thought out there…was it Mom? Dad? Was it because they didn’t know, and no one still does know, if the dead boy purported to be the father really was? So, because of something they were aware of that happened in the past it was mentioned that her brother could be the father of Caylee? SOMETHING indicated that there was incest in that home…at least with the brother, if not with Dad, and I am not ruling that out either. You don’t actually believe that if my grandson died, and they suspected my daughter had done it, that they would routinely do DNA tests on my son to see if he was the father, do you? Doesn’t routinely happen.

I mentioned the Bi-Polar disorder possibility. There is also, compartmentalization. The two combined could explain not only her response to the death, but the unattached sense of bearing she has. Grief is different for everyone. As a nurse, I have seen a wide gamut of responses. But, if she is bi-polar, she could have been in the manic state in response to the death. Awake, not sleeping, hyper-sexual, thrill seeking…you get my drift. And, it is not uncommon for incest victims to shut off emotions. To compartmentalize. To bury bad things so they can’t hurt them. It is just a theory…but an educated one, and much better than the prosecutions idea that everyone responds to death and grief in the same way. Like I said, there are chemical tests that could prove or disprove this theory of TRUE bi-polar disorder. I know that it has become a catch-all for people that just choose not to control their behavior, much like ADHD.

I guess if I had to say what would happen if I was on the jury is this… It would be hung, or if I could persuade them, she would walk. The prosecution didn’t prove the cause of death. They didn’t prove murder or intent. The guy that did “crack” the skull didn’t find the darkened areas that should be inside the skull near the ears if she was suffocated. That, for me, rules out suffocation, no matter what Dr. G thinks about tape. She couldn’t prove anything with the tape except that it had hair on it…duh. Had she been less biased, she could maybe have offered the same insight as the other forensic coroner. She could “NOT determine the CAUSE of DEATH.” The entire prosecution was based solely on conjecture…not even really circumstantial evidence. The only evidence they had was a body, and tape, found close to the home, and the child last in Casey Anthony’s care. That’s it. Which brings me to another point. Fingerprints. Nothing holds fingerprints better than the sticky side of duct tape. Nothing. Where are the fingerprints? Where is the chloroform? Do you think a panicked 20 year old is going to be that careful applying tape to a bag? Maybe there is more credibility to the possibility that someone with a better knowledge of how to clean up the crime scene was involved in disposal of the body–maybe not. But, it is once again the lack of evidence that bothers me. Then, there are the pictures of Casey and Caylee together. She is always smiling. It is a happy smile. Very real. There is love on her face. There are her loving parents that helped to care for the grand daughter. If she didn’t want to be a Mom, she knew that Cindy would have taken the child no matter what. She knew that. There is no way that you can apply that as a motive for killing her. Grandma’s all over are raising grandchildren for half-assed mothers every day. It is not a viable motive with the support she had from her mother. I submit, once again, that the extremely bad or wild behavior was more a response to the baby being dead, than a reason for the baby dying. Yes, it was Cindy Anthony’s desire that Casey be a responsible parent, as the prosecution argued, but no matter what, she would have taken and cared for Caylee–and Casey knew it.

So, all I can say is that Jose Biaz did a better job summing up his closing arguments for this case than he did in the evidentiuary phase of the trial. But, at the same time, I feel like I watched a biased judge assisting the prosecution more often than not, as well. And, the junk science… OMG! Stuff that couldn’t and didn’t re-create the same results, never been proven–and still not, and shouldn’t have ever been allowed by the judge inside the courtroom! OMG…! You would demand better if it were YOU in the hot seat for your life. You would hope and pray that the science was real and proven. Too much lee-way was given to the prosecution. Unbelievable…! They wove a story of complete innuendo, without a shred of evidence to prove INTENT, and the judge let them do it against protests from the defense. And then, after hearing the evidence, when rarely he sustained the protest from the defense, he laughably, told the jurors not to take that into consideration…rarely. How do you unhear, and uncommit to memory something you graphically heard? I give up.. the trial was a circus. It was a big to do. And, I lean toward the grandfather’s statement that it “was an accident that snowballed out of control”, which he told his mistress, lied about, and why did he say it anyway? How did he know? He didn’t say he “thought” or “believed”, but that “it was”. Did he know. How?

Beyond a reasonable doubt. They had to prove she intentionally murdered the child beyond a reasonable doubt. They didn’t do it. They basically have proven “Improper Disposal of a Body”. That’s it. And, the lives of a certain group of people will never be the same again. All I can say is, if it is ever you…you better hope that someone like me–who doesn’t even particularly like this defendant–is on the jury to sift through the bull shit and look for the facts. Hope that it is people like me that are analytical. That can spell. That can speak. Hope that maybe it is a jury of your peers, or just a little better than your peers, because if not it could be you in the same situation as this girl… And, she is going to die if there isn’t a juror that can do that. These are my opinions… You are entitled to yours…


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2 Responses to “On Casey Anthony… So, hate me …Before the Verdict”

  1. JEAN G Says:

    i think her lawyer jose baez is a money sucking ass hole casey is his cash cow if no one pays up for her he’s gone as far as casey her day wiil come THE HAND OF THE LOARD IS SLOW BUT WHEN HE HITS IT IS MIGHTY SO WATCH OUT JOSE &CASEY I DON’T HERE HIM TRYING TO SET UP A PROGRAM FOR KIDS OR GIVE IN HER MEMORY .HE JUST WANTS THAT BIG CHECK TO PAY HIS CHILD SUPPOR &STUDENT LOANS MONEY HUNGRY ASS HOLE THATS YOU BAESZ

    • yukidongo Says:

      Matters not what you think of her lawyer. An over-zealous prosecution inflamed the public opinion, using the media. I am surprised that she got the “fair” trial that she did. The prosecution’s fairy tale was well spun, but lacked absolutely any evidence to prove murder, intent, a motive, or anything else. Jose Biaz did his job. And, while the pundits and commentators were blown out of their seats on Cable News networks, he will laugh his way to the bank. And, I am sure that there is, or was, a fee for his services. She was unable to pay before, but maybe she can pay that, now. I don’t know if you can technically call that a “cash cow”. And, add to that, his fame for defending her, and he will not need her as a cash cow. He will be quite busy, I’m sure. His past, with the child support and other issues is a moot point. It is just more garbage dug up by the media to make him look bad, all because the media backed prosecution didn’t win. Lots of people have child support issues in their past… Most of them get them resolved in time. Many of them are mistakes in the way the money is credited by the collecting agency–the state. I see it all the time, here. Used to be the County collected the funds and sent a check. Now, it is the state–like they didn’t have enough to screw up in the first place.

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