Final Words On Casey Anthony

I am not surprised that people are incensed at the verdict. There is still a dead child, and there are still unanswered questions. However, the verdict was “not guilty”. According to our judicial system, that means it’s over. Yet, we still have the media circus, and the commentators on the cable networks calling her a murderer. I believe, Mr. O’Reilly ;et al, that could be considered slander, and defamation, considering she was found NOT GUILTY of murder. It is not for you, the media, the public, or anyone else to continue to hold her up to scrutiny. Our Justice system has spoken. Past that, all attempts to re-try her in the court of public opinion are fruitless. Already, some misguided, angry woman has attacked another woman for mistaken identity. She rammed the girl’s vehicle, flipping it over because she thought it was Casey Anthony. This is ridiculous. Protesting outside the courthouse. Commenting on her TV interviews or book deals. Who cares, anymore. She has the right to make a living in whatever way she can, and I am thinking those ways are very limited at this point, so she better make her deals while she can and be very frugal with the money. Unless she changes her name and looks, I doubt many job opportunities avail. As far as the search organization, they need to move on, too. The founder is more upset at the fact that George Anthony called him “that clown from Texas”. Besides…He has no legal grounds to sue Casey, as she did not request his services in the first place. She made no request for his help, he never spoke with her, and there was never any contact or contract, spoken or implied, between him and Casey Anthony. This is the worms crawling out of the woodwork, starting to nibble at the potential money she might get. Then, the state of Florida–wanting to recoup the search and investigation costs. Once again, she did not ask them to search, and it is their job. She was found not guilty, and they are still looking to punish her because they lost and are sitting around with egg on their faces. It was so hyped up–by the prosecution and media–because THEY were the ones who expected to win and get the BOOK deals and movie rights. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and they can’t stand it, in addition to the still enraged mob that they created. People need to get a real grip and move on with their own lives. Forget about Casey Anthony. The legal system worked. No evidence=no conviction. If you are ever in a similar position, you would like to know that you can go on with your life, unhindered by the dogging of the media, investigators, and vengeful people who aren’t happy with your verdict. That’s my last word on it. Life goes on.


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