My Letter to Congressman Coble 7-21-11

We sent Republican representatives to Congress in a record election in 2010, as a roadblock to Obama’s wanton spending. He will be forced to capitulate if the Republicans present a united front. I am hearing sketchy details about closing loopholes to increase revenue. Those loopholes are not geared toward wealthier individuals, they are geared ONCE AGAIN, toward the low to middle income families. We are always carrying the brunt of the taxes. The Mortgage interest “loophole”, and charitable deductions are just about all we have anymore to get back some of the thousands we pay into the federal government. I pay 300.00 a week into the social security ponzi scheme, federal taxes, and state taxes. I am a nurse working 6 days a week with 3 kids and two grandkids, recently, still at home. My husband died of cancer 2 years ago, and with the Monopoly money printed by Obama, and his outright attack on our markets, businesses and economy, we are tightening our belt to the bone and can’t pay for the “necessarily skyrocketing cost of utilities”,and gas to drive to work 6 days a week. The more I work the more you take! Meanwhile, 45% of the American population pays nothing into the tax system, and get an earned INCOME CREDIT to boot. It is time for a new tax system. NO Income tax. No IRS. Fair Tax. All these people sitting around saying raise taxes, that aren’t paying any, makes it easy for them to say. Put a fair tax in effect and let them have to pay into the pot. It would be more reliable revenue, anyway. I would also offer the suggestion that you impeach the treasonous fraud that is in the Presidency, but even if I prepared you a list of his treason, and you have the definition, none of you has the backbone to bring it up because he happens to be black and you might be called a racist. He was guilty of Treason when he started undermining the markets. He was guilty of treason when he sided with a foreign power against one of our sovereign states. He is guilty of violating the power of his office by doing end runs around Congress with Executive Orders, and taking authority to act away from the entities it is entitled to by our Constitution. Congress alone has the purse strings. They alone determine how much money the President can spend. If you cannot respond to this with a well thought out reply, do not bother to send me a FORM letter with political gobblety goop. You guys have not stood up to this President. You could have, and should have stopped him, already. He has destroyed our jobs, market, and economy, and it is being done deliberately. A desperate, hopeless, jobless, hungry people is easy to take over. Look at Russia, and the revolution that put Socialists and Communists into power. You guys in Congress need to pull your heads out of, well…, the sand, and start evaluating the damage he is doing to our country. Every single move he makes is contrived to undermine our capitalistic system, and we are losing more and more rights with the government stepping more and more into our personal lives and choices. It is your job to stop him. It is Congress’ job. And, barring that, you will just have to wait for further reinforcements to the Senate in 2012. But, CONGRESS is the only entity that can IMPEACH! You guys need to remind him of that when he continues to be out of line with HIS office’s powers


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