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There’s A Lie Stuck In My Craw…

August 6, 2011

Back during the healthcare debate, President Obama was touting the great job nurses had done for him and his family while he had a daughter “in the hospital for three days with meningitis”. THERE IT IS. The lie. I was perturbed that there was a nurse smiling at his side, taking the podium to speak on behalf of the bill in the first place, but I was angry that every word that falls out of this man’s mouth is a lie! I AM a Nurse. I am a BSN RN–meaning it took me at least 4 years to complete the degree. I have a minor in microbiology, as well, so I understand “germs”. It is not possible that his daughter was hospitalized for 3 days with meningitis. First, a definitive diagnosis of meningitis is usually 24-36 hours in the making. The child showed symptoms for probably 12 hours or more before it was evident that it was more serious than parents thought, resulting in the trip to the doctor’s office, or to the emergency room. On arrival at the ER, the physician will do a spinal tap to see if the spinal fluid is cloudy–indicating infection, possibly meningitis. Often, it is not cloudy, and must be sent for culture and sensitivity testing. Culture is the growth and Sensitivity is finding out what will kill it. If it is viral there are not many things to use, because there are no antibiotics for viruses. Often, interventions involve treating the symptoms as they arise. And, viral meningitis is not over in 3 days. It can be lengthy, and it can lead to serious brain damage, though bacterial memingitis is usually longer and more serious. The shortest stay I’ve ever seen with a viral meningitis is 12 days. The average is close to 8 days, statistically. Now, there are bacterial infections that cause meningitis. Haemophilus Influenzae type B was a common bacterial infection that could become nasty very quickly leading to sepsis and meningitis before they had vaccination for it. Shortest hospitalization for that–7 days, without the meningitis. 12-21 days with it. These are relatively SHORT stays for meningitis. I had one pediatric patient that stayed in the hospital for over three months being actively treated for meningitis of a fungal nature, and then a few more weeks after they placed shunts in his brain for the damage it caused. A second flare up, caused by an as yet unidentified bacteria, resulted in a stay of close to 6 months, and replacement of the drainage shunts. Meningitis in infants and children–even healthy children with strong immune systems–takes awhile to diagnose and treat. It is more serious, with longer admission times than those of adults. So, the LIE was that his daughter had meningitis. “Suspected” meningitis is possible. Ruled out as some other infection and discharged home on the third day is very likely. But NOT meningitis. I absolutely LOVE how this man can pull a sick child example, or testimonial from some constituent out of his ass at the drop of a hat. Each time now, I listen for the “lie” and in most every case, it is something embellished to the point that it became a lie if it hadn’t started out as one. Then, to see that “idiot” grin on the nurses next to and behind him, and as they nodded agreement it seemed to give credence to his every word. I don’t know why it took me so long to say something, as I have been irritated by this particular scenario for the entire time between when he said it and now. I put on the bull shit filters and the lie detectors every time it is my misfortune to have to listen to him speak. BUT, I have to listen. I have to know what he is lying about today, so I can make my defenses for tomorrow. I will advise any who want to take it… Do not assume that all nurses are equal. There are many nurses that pass the license test. There are several levels of difficulty for that test, and several levels of education for the nurses. Believe me that there is a difference between an A+, High Honors graduate, and a C+ graduate–even though they both passed the board test. A nurse that made a C missed a great deal of information. And, I honestly believe that was the level of the dupe that stood behind Obama that morning, grinning ear to ear, and nodding her agreement as he lied and embellished his story to make it seem that somehow her insignificant self and others like her were important to him. He lied on top of lying. I have never read anywhere else that anyone else noticed this particular lie. I just wanted to put it out there for the general knowledge. I guess he subscribes to the Rahm Emanuel adage “never to waste a good crisis”. Hey… If he is not above using his kids to garner sympathy and support for his political gain, or the upper hand in the health care debate, what kind of man is he REALLY?


Deficit, Default, Taxes, and Tea Party…It’s Really Not That Hard

August 1, 2011

To anyone who’s interested… I seriously doubted that the “deal” made by the slithering snake of a President, Beohner, Reid, McConnell, and Biden was going anywhere. First of all, it wasn’t in the best interest of this country–You and Me–I don’t care who you are. It was suppose to avert a default and a downgrade in our credit rating by the very people who gave triple A status to the junk bonds being backed for the housing market for people that had “F” credit. It was to avert a recession, or worse, a depression. Guess what? Except for averting default, it has failed on all counts. And, as of yesterday, we have been downgraded.

We are not going to default. Default was never imminent and immediate. It IS in our future and we were sprinting toward it. Well, now, we are just speed walking. And, without significant changes, we are going to default at some point.  With the way this debt ceiling was raised, we are now near 100% of the GDP. You simply can’t keep spending more than you sell, or take in for tax revenue. Not that hard to understand, RIGHT? It must be for the liberals. They want your money so badly, that YOU are being blamed as much as the Tea Party for the problem. All I’ve heard today is that the Bush Tax Breaks contribute to about 1/3 of the deficit. Now, because you work for your money that they assume they have a right to, it is basically your fault, and mine, that 1/3 of the deficit is building…and building…and building. Don’t know about you, but I’m working more than ever–fortunate to have a job– paying more tax into the IRS than ever, and haven’t had a raise in 5 years. My money is buying LESS than ever, while energy bills and gas to get to work are skyrocketing. Talk about entitlements…YOUR MONEY! The LIBERAL members of Congress and this President feel ENTITLED to the fruits of your labor! And, in an 11th hour rush, they are “compromising”. I hate that word. It boils down to cuts in the wrong places, an increase of 7 Trillion dollars in spending in the next 10 years, and only a 2.4 Trillion dollar cut in actual spending during that time. How did we get here…?

We got here to start with because a group of liberal fuddy duddies like Barney Frank, and Charlie Wrangle, among others, decided that Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were solvent and financially strong. They were warned that they were in imminent danger of collapse on several occasions, by even McCain–whom I dislike for his more liberal than conservative views, except for when it becomes necessary to campaign. Then he has to stand for something a little closer to the conservative platform. That being said, McCain told the Congress 2 years before the housing market collapsed that those two entities were failing and needed fixing NOW. Barney Frank made a wonderful speech about the fear mongering of the GOP, and continued to say that they were strong. Obviously they weren’t. They were the first domino to fall; taking with them the housing market, hitting the stock market and causing it to tank, domino two. The banks started failing (next domino), and the markets continued to fall–taking your 401k with it, the next domino. Construction faltered. Lost jobs. Every business related to that lost jobs. Green energy programs and attacks on corporate America by the Obama administration cost more jobs. Trade agreements signed by Clinton sent jobs overseas, and with the threat of tax increases and regulation, what manufacturing that was left took a great deal of its business abroad, as well. Then, there was Obama care. That increases exponentially through the end of his term, and through 2020. The CBO has revisited its earlier analysis. They were playing smoke and mirrors with the numbers, which– if you paid attention–you already knew. Then, while he continues to “Blame Bush” for the mess he inherited, he has spent in 2 years 1/2 of what Bush spent in 8! The figures are BLACK and WHITE. And, while he blames Bush for the “mess he inherited”, it is as plain as the nose on your face that the problem started because of poor decisions geared toward and driven by the liberals. No…just because you live in America, you are not entitled to the American Dream. Well..Dream, maybe, but not the reality. The realization of the American Dream means you have to work for it. If you don’t work hard enough or have the job that pays well enough, you are not “entitled” to home ownership. Technically, if you don’t work, you are not entitled to eat or receive medical treatment, but in this country we do. Entitlements. And, if you come here illegally, we will feed, clothe, house, and educate you, too. Yeah, tax the soon to be extinct middle class to take care of the mostly worthless and non-productive. And, I am referring to those that live off Welfare cradle to grave–not those who have fallen on hard times and need just a little assistance until they get on their feet. Welfare should not be LIFELONG. Subsidized housing should not be LIFELONG. Food stamps should not be LIFELONG. Do away with the fraud in those, and the LIFELONG membership in those entitlements, as well as giving those benefits to illegals, and we would have money for a solvent Social Security Program and Medicare.

All of the above being said, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING–ANY OF THEM?! I helped to send the Tea Party to Washington. I am proud of what they stand for and are trying to do. But, what have they really accomplished? What can they accomplish? They have “repealed” Obama care in the House of Representatives. That was a great first start. It was killed in the Senate. That’s OK, Reid can’t live forever, literally or politically in charge. Then, they passed “Cut, Cap, and Balance”. An excellent concept and bill, I’m sure, but we never saw it. Once again tabled by Reid–whom I remind you again, can’t live forever. Then, we have the Boehner plan, the McConnell plan, the Reid plan, the party of six, ad nauseum. Now, we have a compromise. A rushed, probably very bad bill that passed in the House.  Nancy Pelosi (who is still looking for the Ruby Slippers and “her little dog, too…”) told her fellow Democrats to vote their conscience. It passed in bi-partisan fashion.

Now, let me say this. I totally support what the Tea Party stands for. Responsibility. Don’t condemn them for not getting something done. They have brought it to the attention of the American public that they understand spending is far out of control, and they ARE trying. They are unable to stand on PRINCIPLE, alone. Already, the Democratic-Progressive propaganda machine is kicking the blame game into high gear, looking for the way to spin this hold up in legislation on the Tea Party and House Republicans. They are the only portion of the legislative branch that has done its job! They have passed legislation since taking office and control of the House–something the Senate hasn’t. The Senate hasn’t even passed a budget in over 800 days. Hey, folks, that’s more than two years. Realistically, any bill that clears the House is “D.O.A.” according to Harry Reid. Nothing can become law until it passes both houses of Congress. The Republicans only control 1/3 of the power. Do the math. It is a valiant, yet losing battle to think they can ram something through like the backdoor dealing democrats did with Obamacare, while they had the super majority in both houses, and the Socialist President. Never forget how Nancy Pelosi whipped even the blue dog democrats into shape to vote for something they were against, and whom I’ve heard have contributed to voting to repeal it.

America…keep the faith. We really do have a strong group of new blood in Washington. And, yes they have and are trying to stand on Principle. They need more than that, and because of the way our legislative branch is set up, and the voting is rotated by thirds in the Senate, we were not able to send the necessary personnel to the Senate in the 2010 election to put teeth in their bite. Constitutionally, they are defeated until we American voters send the back up in the Senate they so badly need. We made a statement in 2010. A historical statement. We said stop the spending. Stop the taxing. Stop growing the Government. And, stop the attack on our Free Market system, you Socialist. We sent the road block to the Democratic-Progressive agenda, and so far, they have done their best to hold the line. They have been somewhat successful, until this debt debate. Just remember, they can’t pass anything solely in one house of Congress. By the same token, the Senate can’t pass anything without them. Effective as a roadblock, but unable to pass desired legislation. They can thank the Constitution for that. And, they need to realize its constraints–the same constraints they (we) are trying to get back to; American Constitutional Law and Government. Realizing and accepting to some degree those limitations is key to them being effective and credible. Don’t promise me something you can’t carry through with. And, you can’t. So be the effective roadblock until we can get the support in the Senate to help pass legislation to put this country back on track.

And, by the way, don’t forget the FAIR TAX… As I told my Congressman (more than once this month), it is easy to say increase taxes when you pay nothing into the treasury. If you are so big on the idea of paying taxes, we welcome your contribution. FAIR TAX. No more IRS. No more tax forms. Tax every American, and every one that buys goods. The revenue would be more reliable. The burden would not be as great. Stop the CLASS warfare. The wealthy can leave and pull their money completely out of this country. The middle class is already working 4-5 months a year to pay the IRS. A great many things have changed as far as the “poverty” level in this country. Even most the poorest families have several TVs, cell phones, internet, computers, cars, food, and a house over them. How is that different from me? Well, I have nothing left after paying my debts responsibly and paying the government. Because they aren’t spending on food, paying less for housing, and covered by free medical insurance, any money they have they can spend as they wish–and pay no taxes because they fall into the poverty level. Even in the hardest times, people spend on necessities. Fair Tax is the only fair and rational solution.