You Had To Know It Was Coming…!



You Had To Know It Was Coming…!

Ambassador Stevens…one of the latest casualties caused by the pussified policies of this Administration. “Let’s be FRIENDS”, Obliviama says. “We have the greatest respect for our Muslim brothers”, he says. “I plan to disarm to the point of exhibiting that we are no threat to our Muslim neighbors”, and “We are not a Christian Nation”. Finally, he lauds their contributions this country, even trying to say that Thomas Jefferson ordered a specific set of scrolls to pay homage to them. Sorry, Obama, he ordered them to study the ENEMY, whom he considered Barbaric. Oh, and let’s not forget the Muslim forces that the Grand Mufti sent to fight with the Nazis in WWII, and that they were among the last to stand for the Nazi cause–defending the actual bunker Hitler was hiding in. So much for their contributions, Obama, the only contributions Islam has ever made to this country have been to strengthen our resolve to stand together against them as enemies, through multiple attacks that have been unprovoked, until it was finally necessary to declare war on them. And, for most of this term as President, Obama has made rounds of “Apology Tours”, to apologize for America’s “arrogance” and our way of living. It is time for this Closet Muslim to go. And, make no mistake, he is a Muslim. He has cancelled every Christian-type religious function that has ever become a part of the White House Protocol, and held a Muslim Prayer Dinner in its place. He has attended more than 60 such events away from the White House. And then, there is the wedding band that disappears for the entire month of The Fast of Ramadan–one of the Holiest of Muslim rituals, and which does not permit its faithful males to wear jewelry of any kind, even their wedding band. It was finally questioned by a member of the White House Press Corps in 2011, and the response was that the ring was at the jewelers for repair… Ummmm, what kind of repair do you suppose a plain Platinum band requires every year during the Fast of Ramadan?

I will propose to you that Obama is Muslim, and then also back it up with his statement during a pre-election interview, that “John McCain doesn’t question me about my Muslim Faith…” OOOPs! Freudian slip, and then give you a final fact…He has not stepped foot inside ONE Christian bastion since entering the office of President.

Now, we have had the Arab Spring, which was never an attempt to promote democracy, as Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive terms. Islam doesn’t allow for equality among its citizens, especially women, and if you are not of the religion, you are an Infidel, considered unclean, and in their perfect world, you would at best be a dhemmi, if you weren’t DEAD. There is no tolerance for anything that is not Muslim. So, there was never to be a “Democracy”, and I submit that the uprising was a controlled and guided ploy, duping the masses that helped to protest the governments of the Middle East, to reach exactly the ends that it finally achieved…Extremist Muslims in power in every country where the overthrows of the governments were successful. And, Obama, along with Hillary, and the rest of this administration were fully aware of the powers they sided with and the fingerprints of this administration are all over this “Arab Spring”. The media even questioned the support of the powers that seemed to be driving this massive movement. Then, knowing that at least here in America, we were suspicious of those forces, they issued statements telling us how The Muslim Brotherhood, and other KNOWN extremists, who have supported terrorism all over the world, were not “Extremists”. And, this buffoon still touts this movement as a GOOD thing! He wants the world to allow this process to proceed and continue to mature from its infancy! And, he is condemning Syria for defending itself. Meanwhile…Syria, is supported by 75% of its population–yes, backing the government–against the Arab Spring extremist “rebel” forces trying to overthrow it. I might add that both Syria and Egypt were extremely westernized countries–something despised by the Extremist Muslims, as well as the fact that they are tolerant of other religions, well were… Egypt burned churches following the step down of Mubarak, and then shot Christians dead in the streets. Gotta love the Tolerant, Peaceful side of Islam…Right?

Now, we know how this process is maturing… We know what it looks like as a juvenile. Lord knows it isn’t full grown, yet, because when it is, Islam will have a major foothold in even the civilized countries…Yes, I said CIVILIZED countries. Those people are savages, controlled by a political CULT, spawned by a pedophilic pervert named Mohammad, who was raised in both Judaism and Christianity, and then after deciding in his 40s to become a prophet, borrowed from the Holy books of both religions to create Islam–a cult based in hate, not love, and embracing not only the hatred of all things “not Muslim”, but pedophilia, bestiality, and the slaughter of innocents (or anyone refusing to convert to Islam). Please refer to the Qu’ran for evidence of the “thighing” of infant females, or the laws that permit sexual relations with a goat, but will condemn the individual if he later eats that animal. Yes… I DID say uncivilized, and Barbaric. They are beneath animals.

Now, we have Muslims, and I make no differentiation between extremist and moderate, all over the Middle East, specifically targeting Americans, and killing anything else they take a notion to kill–even if it happens to be each other.

Ambassador Stevens, and the rest of the staff at the American Consulate in Libya were moved to another building by their Libyan “protectors”…you know, the ones that Obama tried to praise and tell Americans they were on our side, the armed military guards, that were standing between our personnel abroad and the WELL-ARMED protesters. Supposedly, they were overwhelmed and the protesters stormed the second building, killing Ambassador Stevens and the others. Then, it is said, that he was taken from there for the purpose of being moved to a hospital. Let me correct that information for you:
“Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, said the four Americans were killed when the angry mob, which gathered to protest a U.S.-made film that ridicules Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, fired guns and burned down the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

He said Stevens, 52, and other officials were moved to a second building – deemed safer – after the initial wave of protests at the consulate compound. According to al-Sharef, members of the Libyan security team seem to have indicated to the protesters the building to which the American officials had been relocated, and that building then came under attack.”

And, here is the link to the entire article:

Now, that isn’t from FOX, folks, it is from CBS news. The stated premise for this invasion and those all over the Middle East is that they are offended by some movie that portrays Mohammad in a blasphemous (albeit COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL) light. Yes, he was a pedophile, and Islam allows for the same pedophilia to continue as part of their day to day living. Homosexual…? I will have to research that one. But, needless to say, it is my contention that the movie had nothing to do with this uprising of hatred filled animals, as the movie has been on the internet on Youtube since 2011, prompting the question–Why NOW? More than likely, due to the fact that the number two Al Queda, Saeed Al Shihri, and 6 of his minions were killed in Yemen about 5 days ago had more to do with it, considering the factions that now are in control of the Middle East. I imagine, as well, that a little googling on the part of some very creative CYA, staffers, both American and Libyan–pulled the movie theory out of their ass to try to make it look like it is America’s fault that her people are being killed abroad. Oh, REALLY? So, it is OK to gang rape a female journalist or kill someone who is in NO WAY involved with anything related to the movie? Simply for being at their post, or doing their job covering the Arab Spring uprising? I think the Hell NOT. And, there is no excuse for Obama continuing to support the Arab Spring movement, which he continues to do even as late as this week, refusing to condemn the violence that has continued to spur onward until it reached this point.

As our embassies burn and American’s are being killed and/or injured, Obama’s partying it up in Vegas. Israeli sources have revealed that Egypt’s General Intelligence warned that jihadists were planning attacks on U.S. and Israeli embassies, as early as a week before they occurred on the anniversary of Al Qaeda’s 9/11 terror attacks, I guess someone was too busy campaigning to pay attention or take it seriously–Wonder which agency will be blamed for dropping the “communication” ball, this time?  Meanwhile, Moochelle Obama is busy telling us that Obesity is ‘absolutely’ the greatest threat to National Security, and gay boy Chuckie Schumer is spinning this latest and greatest lie:  That Obama would be far more likely (in his 2nd term), to go after Iran and its Nukes than Romney…yeah, to try and protect Israel? You mean the Israel, and its PM Netanyahu that Obama has gone out of his way at every opportunity to insult? The Israel that Obama is wanting to help dice up for the Palestinians? Or, the Israel of which Jerusalem is the Capital, that allows all religions to visit, that has now been removed from the Democrats Platform as being recognized as the Capital of Israel… ? (I have to mention that they took all mention of GOD out, as well…but it was replaced amidst “boos” when they figured they screwed up, and they couldn’t have proven, by me, that the majority wasn’t booing.)

Make no mistake… All of what is happening today, is directly related to Obama’s policies, with the help of Hillary Clinton. They have insulted our only ally in the Middle East, and betrayed them to their enemies to the point that the Israelis will no longer confide any secret information to this administration. And, the violence and hatred of Americans will only get worse toward Americans and America, because they have no respect for the Closet Muslim in office. He has bowed to the Saudi King–what Muslims do to the “keeper of the Islamic faith”, and apologized for our being strong and proud all over the world. Never in the history of this country, would these little savages have bowed up against the great America–until Barack Hussein Obama took it down. And, he isn’t finished… Or, I miss my guess about the agenda he has in store for us if he is re-elected.

Folks…None of this was any Surprise… I have been saying it was coming, and been attacked a thousand times over for saying that the extremists were not through with the Arab Spring, and that it was Extremists that Obama’s administration assisted with getting into the positions of power. This is not the end result…but only the beginnings of the end result. We are somewhere in between, now. All I can say, is REGISTER TO VOTE, AND VOTE–ABO: ANYBODY BUT OBAMA. If he gets a second term you will not recognize America when he is finished…that is, IF indeed his term EVER ends. And, I will save that “last” for another blog. God Bless America, our Troops, and the Patriots that will stand against all foes–Domestic, and Foreign….even if they be in the White House.


10 Responses to “You Had To Know It Was Coming…!”

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  3. Hannah W Says:

    Hey Yuki. great post! I went crazy today, looking for a conservative magazine! Can’t find a thing. I need pics of the chimp in chief, to cut out and put on my new tea party signs. Especially my ”FORWARD” ONE — Flush Out Radicals When Americans Remove Dems. I painted a toilet on there, now I need his face to go into the bowl! We have worked hard, getting people to register. Good luck! Hannah’s mom.

    • yukidongo Says:

      Thanks for reading it. We have got to remove this man come November. If we don’t, well, it’s just a matter of how the Socialists and Muslims are going to divide us up.

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    • yukidongo Says:

      No… this is not a paid theme. I call it like I see it. And, in this case was gratified to hear from the Libyan President’s own mouth that it was not related to the film, as he said that most of those savages had not even seen it. It is pure,, unadulterated hate of America by Islam, and anything western that fueled that uprising…just as it has the entire Arab Spring that the Obama Administration is still supportive of. They are the fingers in the pie…and they got the desired result. He wanted Sharia here, and he may still get it IF he sees another term.

  8. wtc Says:


    […]You Had To Know It Was Coming…! « Yukidongo's Blog[…]…

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