Cheating and Lying…

Obama, who we all know cannot talk without a teleprompter, got his ass stomped in the first debate. That is an undisputed fact. He had no facts, no figures, and only the “5 Trillion dollar” illusion he was trying to feed the nation. It wasn’t true, and there was nothing to substantiate it, so he threw it out there as a distraction, otherwise looking at his shoes, or at the moderator for rescue.
In the second debate, he was also being trounced. Once again feeding the same old lines and BS policies that America isn’t, obviously, buying anymore. We are tired of more of the same Class Warfare, ultra left agenda, and racism he panders to and is a part of.
Third debate, he seemed more juvenile and snarky, with his focused gaze, sternly set mouth, and several attacks on Romney, who despite them, managed to stay on subject and carry the best part of the day. I am sure Obama wanted a return match on Libya, but Romney didn’t bite, and there was no moderator to incorrectly double team Romney with incorrect information. Libya is a nightmare. Obama was in the situation room that day…watching DRONE footage, live feed within 2 hours of the attacks. For 7 hours, those people begged for help, and two Marines trotted their way across the city to be there to protect the embassy. They held off the equivalent of a battalion of attackers for 7 hours–and the President, in the comfort of the White House, not only watched, but told the military to “stand down”. What does this say about this President? What else does it say that he was on a plane to Vegas the next morning to Campaign? What does it say that he knew, Hillary knew, and so did everyone else in that administration, that the video bull shit was NEVER an issue. And, furthermore, what about the AMERICAN rotting in jail on some type of trumped up charge, that Hillary has promised those families will suffer punishment to the fullest extent of the law… For what? Free Speech? They all knew they were throwing in with the extremists when they helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over the Middle East–starting with Egypt, rolling across and finally at Syria’s doors. 70% of the population supports their President Assad. They enjoy their Westernization. And, Obama is once again throwing in with the rebels, and the UN, who are determined to take Syria down. The European Press knows the truth of that situation, but it is not told here in America, as the media paints pictures of wrongful genocide on the part of the Syrian government. The truth is, the rebels are being hidden, and hiding out among the population that is being targeted. That in itself makes them as guilty as the rebels. Who do you think Obama will target when there is an uprising…just those involved? According to the EO that followed the NDAA, it looks to me like anyone that is speaking against his administration will be in a FEMA camp, stripped of their citizenship, and held indefinitely without due process.
The electoral map actually shows the end of his administration–if one uses common sense. It should be Romney by 20, if the election falls as it should and isn’t stolen through cheating and deceit by Obama.
What is he willing to do to hold onto power. Well, I am waiting to find out what steps happen once he is sure there is no win in his future. But, I will also say this. He cheated in the third debate. He had an ear piece, in his right ear, and was given answers by “someone” during the debate…why? Because he is a true idiot, that cannot speak without someone writing his perfect speeches and putting them on a teleprompter. We have seen it time and time again. I will post a link… You can go there and see the picture captured during the debate. Decide for yourself. Then, watch the debate, and notice how when Romney was speaking, Obama tilted his head to the right and slightly away from Romney so he could hear someone talking into his ear. And, whoever was coaching him continued the lies of the past…nothing new. All the while they waited for Romney to bring up Libya. I was a little surprised that he didn’t, but glad in the long run, because I think he threw the cheater off his game even further. And, meanwhile, we have since learned even more disgusting FACTS about what really happened in Libya.
I think the most disgusting phrase, the most arrogant and narcissistic phrase of the debate, was when Obama said “this Nation, ME, my administration…”. HE is not this nation, and most of us didn’t support anything going on in the middle east, that knew what was really happening. The installation of extremist Muslims, against westernized countries–us–and the backward path that it has lead to.
Obama is a liar. He made up some bogus nonsense about a video as a smoke screen, and it has backfired. The truth is, he sat and watched while those people died, from the situation room, and then went to Vegas to campaign. Hillary Clinton bears her share of the guilt as well.
There is a rumor…just a rumor, that this was an experiment in controlling uprisings, and a CIA operation. Why would they be trying to start and then control uprisings? I will give you a thought on that. Rumor also has it, that they plan to put forth an attempt to assassinate the President, stir the minorities to riot, then declare martial law, and suspend the election, making Obama President until he sees fit to hold it, and at the same time imprisoning in FEMA camps anyone who disagrees with his policies. Far fetched? Maybe. But, they didn’t pass the NDAA and he didn’t write the EO that gives him the authority to declare martial law in PEACETIME for nothing. A man who has lied, cheated in debates, and looked down his nose at all Americans… That is Obama. What is he really willing to do to hold the Presidency until he can collapse our economy by overwhelming it with debt, and finish his transition of this country into a Socialist Nation? I’ll leave you with that and the following link of his cheating ear mic… Come and get me Obama… I absolutely hate you.


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