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Benghzi: The KEY Question Nobody is Asking.

May 17, 2013

America destroyed (eagle)     You want to get to the bottom of Benghazi? Here goes…
The Obama administration has defiantly denied requests for information and emails that would have proven–before Mr. Hicks testimony–that they lied on all points related to what happened. They removed all references to an Al Queda TERRORIST attack. They made up some bogus excuse, calling a video that no one even viewed (until after it was blamed for the attacks of “protesters”) for the murders of an ambassador, an assistant to the Ambassador, and two Navy SEALs.
When did the White House know it was a Terrorist attack? When did the State Dept. Know? Who CARES? I mean, of course, these things are important, but we know that they knew, immediately, that the Ambassador was under attack–he sent the cable, the email, the notification. We know that they had asked for security to be increased, and that there WERE intelligence reports of an impending attack, as well as protests to be held in Egypt at or near the Embassy there, for the release of the Blind Sheik. As of two days ago, the Muslim in Chief still made the idiotic reference to the video, as the cause of those protests in Egypt. What I’m getting at is he still refuses to get to the truth.
Currently his administration is under scrutiny for several scandals. The IRS targeting Tea Party, Conservatives, Jews, Christians, and even Pro Israel Groups that sought 401 3(C) status. Basically, ANYONE against his administration for the purposes of creating an Enemies list? The AP phone records and personal information of reporters and journalists–confiscated by the DOJ. This could suggest an attempt at intimidation of “whistleblowers”–especially in the light of people like Mr. Hicks, and other persons who were threatened into remaining silent, some said even “with threats of decapitation”. !!! . Current Liberal spin is they are just trying to root out people in the CIA or other high offices that might be leaking intelligence that could put personnel at risk. Yeah, right. Risk, Mr. Obama? RISK is a cable, in your face CLEAR, that “We are under attack by an organized group of Terrorists–send help!” Somewhat paraphrased, maybe, but you catch the essence. A communication you were aware of, without any doubt, and chose to go to bed (if that is true) and leave early the next morning to go to fundraisers in Las Vegas. But, I digress from my title.
To make it perfectly clear. We know, now, that Benghazi was this Administration illegally running guns–again–only this time to the ENEMY. The so called “Syrian Rebels” are an offshoot of the same Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda organizations that now (also with Obama’s support and assistance) control the ENTIRE Middle East. The administrations purpose in the covert operation was to arm Al Queda, to overthrow a legitimate government in Syria–that 78% or more of the population supports. They don’t want Islamic extremism controlling their lives, and taking away their Westernization, unlike the Egyptian President that thanked Obama for his “assistance in shaking their Western influences”. Now, to further break this down for you, Al Queda is the enemy. At every turn, Obama and his State Dept have been in bed with them overthrowing governments in the Middle East, touting the “Arab Spring” and the Muslim Brotherhood as good things. If you are running Stinger missiles and Rocket Launchers to Al Queda, you are supporting the same enemy that has directly attacked our government and way of life. Simply put, that is TREASON. That is a crime against our country, and if charged, should be a Capital Offense. A hanging offense in days of old.
Now, the one question that nobody seems able to, or wants to ask… The absolute nail in the coffin of the man destroying the American way of life, is this… WHO, WHEN IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT THERE WAS AMPLE TIME TO RESCUE THOSE THAT DIE (3 TIMES OVER), AND THERE WERE FORCES CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO GO IN AND KICK ASS) WHO GAVE THE “STAND DOWN” ORDERS? Not once, but three times? WHO removed Admiral Hamm from his Command position in the Middle East, related to the fact that he was willing to mount a rescue against the inactivity AND the first “stand down” order? WHO was determined to stop all attempts of rescue, and then, WHY? ANSWER THE WHO, AND THEN THE WHY, AND YOU WILL HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! A TRAITOR WILL BE IN JAIL, AS WILL ALL THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH BENGHAZI, AND THERE MIGHT BE HOPE FOR AMERICA TO RECOVER FROM THE DAMAGES DONE BY BARACK OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS.
The WHY, I have already partially answered. Stevens was meeting that night with a Turkish Affairs Minister, purportedly to arrange the transportation of those mentioned weapons through Turkey, to Syrian rebels. There is also a leak that Stevens was to have been set up for “kidnapping” by the same Al Queda faction that ultimately killed him, to used as an exchange for the release of none other than the “Blind Sheik” whom we hold in prison for the first attack on the World Trade Center. (Possibly a good reason for this administration to go for the throats of AP, and stop leaks…you think?). What happened next, nobody in the administration counted on. The pre-staged attack started. A call for help went out. “Stand Down” was ordered. TWO SEALs refused to obey the order. The Al Queda operatives, and very same beneficiaries of the gun running operation, got a little pissed that their walk in, waltz out with the Ambassador as hostage, was thwarted. Those SEALs bought valuable time…7 and 1/2 hrs…for rescue of all involved. But, the rescue would have included the grabbing of all documents related to the dealings going on, and some type of demand for explanation of those same activities. That in a nutshell is what happened in Benghazi. And, the answer to the question is the President. Only ONE person, ONE PERSON, could have ordered the Foreign Command in the Middle East to “Stand Down”. Did he go to bed? Possibly. Campaigning was more important, and the spin doctors could handle it. But, I don’t think so. I think he watched the live footage from the situation room that was sent by the drone we now know was filming the entire attack. He not only ordered the “Stand Down” once, but at least TWICE, and removed the Admiral that was trying to mount a rescue from his command. And, the same Admiral has come out with exactly what the entire Benghazi mission was. We have all the information about the operation, and no one asking WHO said “Stand Down”. If we know there was only ONE person who could do that, and we know the situation, the only reason can be to cover up the TREASON.
I beg you to point out the fault in my logic. This was, also, all done months before the election…and we are just now getting the facts, that would have probably canned his re-election.
We need every scrap of paper on Benghazi. Amazingly, even after saying they were releasing all the emails requested, they still didn’t release the two days worth that immediately followed the attack–which WERE requested. The COVER UP for this President’s Treasonous acts is on going. Hopefully, the tenacity of Issa’s Oversight Committee will gain the evidence needed to, once and for all, remove this Tyrant that thinks he is above the law, and who is giving us over in piece meal fashion to the Muslims and the UN, from our country’s White House, and the position of the most powerful man in the world. It is time. And we can only pray that Democrats and Progressives alike will assist the Conservatives, who finally have their teeth in the throat of this rotting administration, with removal of Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounell (et al. aliases) through impeachment. WHY isn’t anyone asking the most important question?!  The answer WILL save the United States.  God, Please, Bless America…?