What’s Really Happening In The Middle East?

I have said, since the beginning of Obama’s interference with Syria, that it is a mistake. First of all, we have/had no business fixing “civil unrest” or “civil wars” in other countries–EVER. The history of our interference is this:
Korea–Basically, a lost war, that ended in a truce, with a line of demarcation guarded by both sides, and Americans on the S. Korean side. The WAR did not end, and is on going, and we have an insane pudgy, fool with nukes, looking for a way to use them against us–thanks Clinton, for the nukes.
Viet Nam–which collapsed even as we FLED, leaving half American children and their mothers to horrible fates, except for those airlifted out within days of its collapse. We left it in shambles, and never had any business there to begin with, and the troops came home to disrespect, no, loathing by much of the American public for doing as they were ordered to do.
Iraq–We removed Sadaam Hussein, a powerful and controlling leader (and POS). But, there were no challenges to his STABLE government, and the country was functional. Moreover, we went in on a combination of “grudge”, the threat of WMDs, and following 911 (with an insinuation that there was a connection between Hussein and the Muslims that took down the towers). Interestingly, we are still kissing Saudi Arabia’s ass, and it was Saudis–for the most part–that flew jets into the towers, if we believe the government’s version of what took them down.
Afghanistan–ongoing, troops will be dragged down there for another twenty years, at least. The Taliban as big a threat today, as it was when we got involved.
Libya–Obama and Clinton’s idiocy. To remove another leader of, then, probably the wealthiest and most stable country in the entire middle east. Why? What was the threat? Helped to remove a toothless lion, long past being a threat, since Reagan dropped missiles in his back yard.
Egypt–That was CIA, too. CIA and Muslim Brotherhood (the first terrorist group removed from said status, by none other than Obama, while the rest of the world continued to pursue them as terrorists). Let’s also mention that Obama’s brother was the Treasurer for the MB organization. Also that, the Muslim Brotherhood is the “government head” for Al Queda, which is the “military arm”, and that they (MB) funded most of the other fanatical extremists trying to overthrow the various governments.
Arab Spring: Think about it. This government wants us to believe that in a country with very little internet access, one guy started a movement on Facebook…! Wrong, from my perspective. Consider: Tunisia is small, and hypothetically a good place for a Community organizer’s strategies, combined with unrest and the CIA, to create a movement to topple a small government. In other words, a good test site for an experiment in controlling the masses. It spread to Egypt, was not as well controlled, and ended up with the removal of our ALLY, Mubarak, from office. In what has been proven to be a rigged election (by Egyptian authorities), Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood was put in power. QNE million people filled the square, and streets for the ouster of Mubarak. When Morsi was set to change the Egyptian Constitution to form a Muslin Theocracy under total Sharia law, there were 10 million people gathered to support his ouster. Egyptians have implicated Obama, and his MB brother, in the deaths of thousands of Christians, and with having guided the election–among other things. Obama then had the nerve to tell the Army, which removed Morsi at the people’s bidding, to return him to power, as he had been “legally” elected. Egypt basically told him to go to hell. They are hunting his brother as a terrorist, all over the world, today.
Back to Libya, which fell after Egypt’s debacle was resolving itself. There were the same militants, and extremists, involved in spreading the “Arab Spring”. Fictitious. That was this administrations interference solely for Their own greedy purposes, and they armed and supported these militants, which later became ISIS–and the CIA trained them. They trained them in Jordan, according to the Jordanian government, and newly released documents sued for by Judicial Watch. The purpose of arming these militants was two fold. To overthrow Qadaffi, and to then be used against Syria, as we were also arming the FSA to overthrow Assad.
In each of these instances, the governments toppled were supposed to have been replaced with “freedom” and democracies, supposedly–at least, that was what was promised Egypt, and the others were promised fair and just governments, and stability. NONE of this happened, nor was it ever the purpose. You can say it was business or government aspirations for the regions, or look at a bigger picture, and wonder if Obama wasn’t assisting his Muslim brothers to form a Caliphate, or could there be another reason for the ENTIRE middle east being aflame, right now?
I still lean toward deliberate destabilization of the middle east for Obama’s purposes, but recently, two Presidents spoke at the UN. Obama first, and then Putin. Obama blamed Putin for Afghanistan, and other middle eastern issues, and the Ukraine, and etc. But, Putin said some things that made sense. He said that the reason for ISIS, and most of the instability of the region was because of American involvement in toppling governments, and becoming involved in civil uprisings, and regional conflicts, that created not only the turmoil, but ISiS, as well. Detailing the tribal nature, and how traditions, and cultures, and religions (and their variations or sects) had led to those same leaders being in power in the first place. And, he said that it was Americans meddling, then leaving–at various times–having armed the sides they chose, so they could crunch the “bad guys”. had led to the state of affairs that exist today. He also stated that Assad and Syria are the key to the stability of the middle east, and Assad needed to remain in power. Something I have said, and for the same reasons. Each time we have messed in the business of those Arab States, we have left trained armies, or leaders removed, and different “sects” in power creating turmoil, dissent, and a power VACUUM. This allowed for insurgent extremists to come in using brutality and savagery we haven’t seen in centuries, to take control. Putin proposed a “coalition” to Obama that included Israel, Syria, Iran, and other countries. That was refused almost immediately. What Obama and our “knowing officials” didn’t realize was that Putin was basically saying that “this coalition has already been formed, and the train is leaving”. He flew to the UN, Monday, and left the same afternoon, with regrets that he didn’t have “time to see NY”. He had to get back to the attacks that occurred Tuesday.
Now, not surprisingly, we are in a state of de facto war with Russia, unless we join the coalition they formed to go after ISIS. The backlash has been because they attacked the FSA (Free Syria Army)–the ones we have been supporting through illegal activity tied to Benghazi gun running from the Consulate, using Chris Stevens and other CIA operatives, and which comes back to Hillary, and Obama–and is probably the reason for the deleted emails, which we might get to in a generation or two with the stall tactics.
All of this basically goes back to Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan. Why did Russia invade…? They went into Afghanistan to try to “STABILIZE” the country, not to take it over. The OPIUM was flowing into Russia in the form of cheap heroin. Also, there was an established pro-Communist government in power, being threatened by internal rebellion. The fighting didn’t end with Russia’s withdrawal, and the MUSLIM Rebels, eventually gained control of the government. Naturally, WE sided with the TALIBAN fighters, and the CIA collaborated with the Mujahadeem. Historical facts. And, the Taliban was who we went in to remove, after we had given them the upper hand in their rebellion.
So, we have a President, who is all about his “Legacy”, in both foreign and domestic policy. The nightmare of Obama care, and his on going dream of leaving no American troops in the middle east, as he continues to withdraw, and refuses to return troops “on the ground”. After thinking for five minutes, and after reviewing the speeches buried by the liberal media, for the most part–a blurb and gone–I considered what Putin said. And, he is right. We have become involved in too many civil rebellions and uprisings in the middle east, and interrupted their wars, political identities based on majorities and strengths, and we have managed to wipe out any semblance of strength in leadership, no matter how EVIL or perverted we considered that leader. WE have, not just under Obama, but with interventions under other Presidents as well, created the Power Vacuum that has led to what may erupt into a third World War, and at the very least, threatens our National Security with ISIS terrorists, and other extremist Muslim groups (or individuals) infiltrating our country to continue Jihad against Americans.
John McCain, and others in Congress, and the Intelligence community are pointing the finger at Putin, and angry about the strikes on the FSA. I think that it would be wiser to join the coalition, and leave Assad in power. And, after the region is calm, again, to get our asses out of the area, and mind our own business. The point at which we could have salvaged some dignity and trust from our allies in the area is long gone. And even further away from that point is salvaging the wasted lives of our men and women who fought and died for leaving stability in the middle east, as all the gains were given away by a withdrawal that occurred four years earlier than it was planned, and which was almost prophetically foretold by George Bush,  that it would leave the country our troops had died for in peril of being taken over by extremist factions. Once again because of the Power Vacuum.
I have issues with sending troops back into the middle east in huge numbers. First, we aren’t going to avenge the lost. Second, why would my son or daughter be dying for people who threw down over 600 million dollars worth of just WEAPONS, and Humvees, along with tanks and helicopters, when they far outnumbered ISIS forces, thousands to one. Had ISIS been stopped there, they would not be the threat they are today, to the rest of the world.
So, we can continue to “lead from behind”, or we can lay off of Assad, and join a coalition with some teeth, and military know how, and we can rid ourselves of ISIS, and if we choose, many of the other extremist groups.
If anyone had told me I would ever be in agreement with a Russian President, even admire certain things about his way of thinking, I would have said you are crazy. But, that is the predicament I am in. I agree with the strikes made by Russian planes. I agree with what Russia is doing with Syria. And, we are going to have to do something, because we are no longer using Pakistan to get supplies to our troops. We are going through Russia, as Pakistan is not an “ally” we trust. I would suggest, that we get rid of the threat that even the other Arab Nations detest and fear, before they end up with full control of some country’s nukes, and get the hell out of the middle east, allowing them to return through their own devices–civil wars, rebellions, or otherwise–to some form of stability. And, I would recreate the strength of our military, and leave the threat of the “Big Stick”, while we quit policing the rest of the world. I would advise against taking in refugees by the millions to any democratic society in the rest of the world, and the same applies to the US. And, at the same time, I would suggest turning attention to more domestic affairs, before joblessness, and lack of production, leave America bankrupt, and trying to deal with our own civil war, or rebellion. Finally, I would suggest that our politicians figure out we are finished being ruled, and tired of the corruption of their politics, wars, and an elitist class which feels itself above the law. This really wasn’t intended to get this long, but I thought–for the sake of people (most of the public with their heads in the sand) that I would explain why I support the entrance into a coalition with Russia, and why I support everything Putin is doing in Syria, at this time. I have watched the entire middle east crumble, because of American and European interference (mostly ours), and with the fall of each country, chaos ensued, and finally, an extremist regime. Putin is right… Shit, Obama, or get off the pot. Either join him to try, with other countries to stabilize the region and annihilate ISiS, no matter which countries are involved, or stay the hell out of his way. I am still in disbelief that Putin may be the only hope for keeping the wolves from our door, after the sacrifices we made, and that after Obama’s advisors told him to quit meddling in “such an unstable region”, he continued to train and arm terrorists to overthrow one of the last stable governments in the region.
Something to think about… We can wish the entire world Liberty and Freedom, but we will fight for our own. That is how it should be, and it is frivolous to think we can establish a democracy in all the world’s countries, and it will work. Americans are unique, and we are strong. We need to quit being led around by the nose ring with lies, by liars, and bad decisions of Politicians, and should from this time forward, remove all those who violate the trust of America, or who for reasons of their own–not for the country’s “good” collectively, pursue policing of the rest of the world–IMO, for the sake of business interests, or oil (or the fear of not having it from those sources). America needs to concern itself with America, and let the rest of the world take care of themselves.


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