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Terrorist Obama: Now Aiding and Abetting Terrorists

April 18, 2013

Today, Obama should be removed from office. Today he should be stripped of his American citizenship for aiding and abetting TERRORISM, and for his impeding a Federal Investigation. I almost cracked myself up with the first suggestion, since he isn’t an American Citizen in the first place, but if he wants to continue to PRETEND to be one, he should be prosecuted like one under the laws governing TREASON, and even going so far as to use his own NDAA. We have MORE reason today, and I am sure there is evidence (if he doesn’t have it destroyed or locked away, somewhere), that his sentiments lie with Muslims before the good of this country, or its people. Not surprising, if you paid attention to what he said:     I nearly made myself laugh at one thought…stripping him of his American Citizenship. He isn’t an American, first of all. And, he is a Muslim, second. What is a Muslim with confused allegiance, doing sitting in the White House, ANYWAY?! That doesn’t matter, now. He has crossed the line. We aren’t talking about lack of Transparency, lies, and Chicago gangster tactics, but the fact that he met Secretly, with the Saudi Foreign Minister, “Prince” Saud al-Faisal, and arranged to deport the ACTUAL TERRORIST BOMBER, on National Security Grounds!   The same grounds that should have prevented him EVER getting a Student VISA to come here in the first place, considering his family reads like a “Who’s Who” in the the World of Al-Queda list!  That’s TWO fails for DHS, who is busy getting ready to war against Americans–the man came in, and they didn’t stop his bombing!  Many from Al-Harbi’s clan are members of Al-Qaeda. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda. (The link came from It doesn’t mention the ones held currently in Guantanamo. That is CONSPIRACY after the fact to impede the Justice system, and a Federal Investigation into a TERRORIST bombing!  He has lied, already or put forth the lie for someone else to tell, that the Saudi individual in question wasn’t involved, and is sending him home.  This is “aiding and abetting” a TERRORIST–TERRORISM!  Meanwhile, Kerry had meetings with another Saudi Minister, also in private. The Saudi in question, comes from a Terrorist Family. He is male, aged 18-35, DEVOUT Muslim, and the only freaking Arab Muslim in the vicinity of TWO bombs going off, that were made in the fashion of IED’s in Afghanistan, and Iraq wars.  He was the only one so close he got burns, but caught little if any shrapnel, probably squatted low beside the Mail box pictured on many sites and news channels, with the bomb bag on the other side. He would have been protected from the shrapnel.  Then, there is a man across the street on the second or third floor taking pictures of the  Saudi Arabian, thinking it odd that he is the only person UP on his feet and running after the first bomb blast, and an alert bystander, who tackled him and held him for police because he had been acting suspiciously before the bombing. So, the police ask him why he ran, and he says…”I thought there’d be another bomb”, and “was anyone killed?” How would he know to expect another bomb? People… Immediately after the bombings…within just mere moments, they are suggesting that it is Americans doing this bombing! Gun activists– upset about current pending legislation, Tea Party– upset about taxes and policies(?), or just some Garden Variety of Home Grown Terrorist.  They didn’t need this distraction from their agenda, and they didn’t need the only Explosion on American soil to be a successful Al Queda attack. Why? Because they still don’t call them terrorists. They are suggesting to the Fool Aid drinkers, that other Americans are Terrorists, instead. The returning veteran, Tea Party, People who can and store more than a week’s supply of food, gun owners…none of whom has ever been a threat before in any vast numbers, but who are being targeted now, as Hitler targeted the Jews–to GIVE HIS FOLLOWERS A TARGET TO FOCUS THEIR FASCIST HATE ON. The conservatives, Tea Party, et al, are a focal point of division, and hatred…none of whom burn down their own neighborhoods rioting, to be rebuilt by Taxpayer dollars, and the MAJORITY of whom pay taxes, work jobs, and get no Welfare Benefits. This Traitor-TERRORIST in the oval office has divided this country on so many levels, and depends on the target of the administration for that week, who he targets his followers toward. We are the working,  the majority white, and the majority of the Conservative Party. Obama called us liars, Terrorists, fear mongers, and everything under the sun–and even hints that we are racist, when he feels it suits his agenda. No other President has played the race card so heavily. We are divided by color, class, and political views across a rift so wide, there can be no repair, until someone new takes his place. The icing o the cake, however, was the capture of who everyone knows was the Terrorist, and then letting him go, basically, to go home to his Terrorist family ties. And, Obama had to do this. He couldn’t have this massive bombing by real TERRORISTS on American soil be other than a conservative, misguided extremist, for what ever reason they might come up with. I saw they were deporting the Saudi, male, devout Muslim, age 18-35 Terrorist, and the next blurb on the news is they saw a “white man in a hoodie, using a cell phone”. He is a “person of interest”, because the cell phone was in use, or “he might even be a suspect”. Bull shit Obama–I call Bull Shit…. YOU know you let the Terrorist go–HOME to Saudi Arabia.  And, the papers are reporting it was done by EXECUTIVE Authority–YOU. Seems you have something to hide… What could that be…? OR, why would you let him go “TOMORROW”, to Saudi Arabia, deported, unless you know he did it, want him gone and out of the way (unable to tell what he knows, and freed by you–not willing), so you can pursue your vendetta against the Mostly White, Bible Toting, Gun owning, mostly Christian, Conservative Americans that are fighting your Socialist Agenda. And. when a President sends Tanks, guns and ammo, and even drones against his own citizens–as the DHS is preparing for under your command, is he some different kind of Terrorist than, say, the President of Syria (your recent target)?  Or, Saddam  Hussein, or Mao Tse Tung…and how comparable to Hitler is that, as well? No, Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama and all your other aliases…. You are a shyster, wannabe dictator, and you will be stopped, somehow. Hopefully, the release of the actual Terrorist will raise enough eyebrows in the Congress to do you in.

America… We deserve better. When was it ever, EVER OK for our government to prepare for war against us?  This President is part of the Terrorism, now, and could legally be arrested for his actions–if he wasn’t the President.  What was his rush to deport the Saudi?   How was he even on his feet running between the blasts?  Why is DHS buying weapons, riot tanks, and ammo?  This is all in newsfeed, and pictures. ALL of it. Put together carefully, it spells the triggering of martial law, somehow, and the enactment of the NDAA… America’s Destruction, complete.  Hate it for you, Obama, but we know who the enemies against this country are, and YOU top the list.


The Narcissist Still Doesn’t Get “IT”

November 26, 2010

What a resounding message the American Tea Party and the American people sent to Washington on November 2nd. Never in the history of this country has such a huge number of representatives been replaced by so disgruntled a number of voters. And, never have so many state governments been replaced by the republicans at one time. Here in NC, the state legislature was replaced FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 83 years by the Republican party. Unfortunately, the governorship wasn’t up for election. And this same pattern was repeated all across the country. But, did Obama get it? No, not to hear him speak of the “total shellacking” the Democrats took. So, Mr. Barry Sotoro, a.k.a. Barack Obama, here it is in a nutshell. YES, it was a referendum on your policies and priorities. While I’m sure that the economy played a part in the outcome, it played a part because you and your cronies added trillions (at least 4 trillion) in actual spending to the deficit, and that doesn’t count the trillions more that enacting health care and other entitlement programs are costing and will cost…the promised money that we don’t have, and never will have. It was a referendum on the economy because your cronies are the ones who are to blame for causing the housing market crash with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae–which have not to this day come under scrutiny, nor the abusers been held accountable for their actions. It was a referendum on your Socialist agenda, which you excuse as a crisis, with necessary spending, that YOU state created jobs. And, it was a referendum on your elitist attitude–the attitude that you, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid know better what WE need, whether we want it or not. The attitude that you can do as you please to expand government, and that “we just don’t understand what you are doing because you didn’t explain it clearly enough”. You explained your plan ad nauseum, day in and day out for almost 2 years, and we understood it. And, we didn’t want it, just as we don’t want your ridiculous Cap and Trade, a V.A.T. tax, or any of the rest of you hidden taxes. For two years, we have seen your face practically daily either explaining why we need what you pander, or watching you play with your friends and take vacations. What you also don’t seem to get is this: WE THE PEOPLE did not send the Republicans/Tea Party to Washington to reach across the aisle and “make nice” with the ultra liberal faction of democrats (code word for PROGRESSIVES/SOCIALISTS) that are left in Congress and the Senate. We are not, for the most part, wanting to accomplish ANYTHING except jobs and a reduction of the deficit, and if there is no agreement on how to do that amongst the parties, then we are willing to wait you and yours out, until we can get the people we need in there to adjust the spending, taxing, and the absolute mess you have made. We sent these new representatives as a ROADBLOCK to your agenda because we see the path to Socialism and the New World Order desired by you and the shadow man, George Soros (whose foundation WROTE the health care bill) . We see exactly what you are doing, and it goes like this: Every time you open your mouth, you talk of regulating Wall Street and how bad it is to have been ingenious enough to make money and become wealthy. And, in response to every such speech, in fact to every action by your administration, Wall Street FALLS, thus destroying the pensions and 401k’s of millions of Americans. You have deliberately held the small businessman and others hostage with the Bush tax cuts and health care legislation, effectively causing a freeze on hiring because of the costs expected in the future. You socialized several industries, including banking, and now your appointee to the Federal Reserve is devaluing the American dollar. To all but the sheeple that blindly follow you with praises (and those are even in decline), it is obvious that you are tearing down the capitalist infrastructure piece by piece, and laying the foundation for socialism block by building block. It is obvious that you are trying to create a desperate, jobless, homeless, and now hungry population that will turn their begging eyes to the government to save them. Don’t fool yourself–that will never happen. There would be a revolt against the government, first. Yessir, we tried to send you a message. We don’t trust you, and we don’t approve of what you are trying to do–in fact we are going to stop it and reverse it. We are not going to see ourselves and our future generations enslaved to pay for the irresponsible, unnecessary spending of the past several years, and tripled by your administration and Congress in the past two. We sent you a wake up call. And you better look at it outside the fantasy world you have created for yourself. We understand–everything. We are not stupid, most of us. And, if you don’t “GET IT”, we own the only offices necessary to remove you from your high horse. We the people sent people to the only body of government that can remove you from office–Congress. You better remember that when they don’t pass your agenda and you start writing executive orders to end run around them–beginning with the one for the EPA. There are many ways to phrase the infractions you have committed while President, and I’m sure some of those ways could result in your being removed from office. My favorite word has become “IMPEACH”. So, I guess it all boils down to: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee…er…uh…TEA, and get your head out of your narcissistic…uh… fantasy world. You have weakened us in the eyes of the world, yet made the American people stronger and more well organized against the likes of you. You might as well chill out for the next few years and ride out the rest of YOUR lame duck Presidency. I can promise you this… America won’t make the same mistake twice. Your deliberate destruction of America will be stopped.

What I’ve Learned

April 28, 2010

Many years ago, when I was 6, I was attending an elementary school in Alamogordo, New Mexico. While standing in the lunch line, a teacher asked several different children who their parents were voting for in the election between Goldwater and Johnson. So many children said Johnson, and when I was asked, I said I didn’t know–maybe Johnson, maybe Goldwater, but I didn’t know. I told my mother on arrival home that I had been asked and what I said. I was told then that the teachers had no business asking what party my parents were affiliated with or which person they were voting for. And, that my parents were not voting for Johnson. I have heard over the years that as young adults people tend to be more liberal in their thinking and politics and that they become more conservative over their lifetime. After much retrospect, I find that I don’t really believe that. At least it wasn’t true of me and many youth of that time. Our values were established by the influence of our parents. Lying was wrong. Education was a requirement. Working for a living was mandatory and education would determine if you had a good job later in life. Getting pregnant out of wedlock was taboo, not the norm. History included the Founding Fathers, the Revolution, religious freedom as the reason for founding our country, and the Tea Party–as a protest against “taxation without representation”. Now, subtly and insidiously, we are at a point where if you are ANY RELIGION other than CHRISTIAN, you have the freedom to express your beliefs. Prayer, the pledge of allegiance, the word “God”, and dicipline have been removed from schools and children are being indoctrinated into a liberal-progressive mind set. History is being re-written and twisted to brainwash our children, and new heroes are being glorified to suit the political agenda… My God, the heroes of our leaders include Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevera! The heroes of Hollywood include a madman named Chavez and the dictator Castro, whose own daughter lives in America and speaks of her father’s brutal tyranny over the people of Cuba. At any rate, after much thought, I know that I did the right thing taking my children out of school to home-school them for several reasons. First, they got a better education. I have two in college that are Dean’s list students and being offered scholarships to finish at various colleges. Next, they avoided the indoctrination into the New World Order way of thinking. The day my daughter, at 14, brought home a book they were using in class, which explained her “civil rights” in my home, I had had enough. I promptly explained to her that her rights in my home included food and water, a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and a good life as long as she followed the rules, did her chores, and attended school. Otherwise, it was my right to bust her butt, and her privilege to receive it. I managed to raise intelligent, mostly respectful children, who are now conservative young adults. Like me (and their dad) they are angry at the government that won’t listen to its people. They are outraged that we sit here and do without to make ends meet, working to the best of our ability, while others are sitting around drawing entitlements. They are angry that Mexican illegals are DEMANDING their rights in our country, and protesting in our streets while throwing rocks and bottles at the police who are there to simply maintain order, and while Al Sharpton is spewing his rhetoric about civil rights. I am proud to have passed on a legacy to my children that is now being called far right, or radical, and even bigoted, just because we don’t agree with policies of a black (not AFRICAN AMERICAN, but African Arab) president and his progressive cronies. What makes me even more proud is the fact that we can protest like civilized human beings and not the animals in the news today. We don’t spit. We don’t throw rocks and bottles. And we don’t vandalize capital buildings and piss in the streets. I learned that we have to instill values and morals in our children and not allow so many people to influence their lives and thinking–in other words, we have to be their parents, and we have to raise them. As far as politics, I learned that we can never rest again and allow the government to get too big for its britches. Never again can we allow them not to represent us. And while it is OK, to complain around the coffee maker, we can’t assume that those complaints will resolve themselves without us to push the issue… We have to act on our beliefs. Furthermore, we have to be the example for our children, and they need to be made aware of what makes this the greatest country in the world, and that is the differences. I learned that we have to stand up for those differences before we become those other countries… over taxed without representation, socialized, and with an indigent, illegal population to absorb our tax dollars in entitlements, while putting our other populations including minorities out of work. And, the final eureka moment I had is this… Once you empower the government to pass into law all the things that take your freedoms, it becomes a harder fight to get those freedoms back, because now there are unconstitutional laws in place to be enforced against you. I continue to hope for a resolution to the idiocy in Washington through the polls in November. People are seemingly patient to wait until then. God help us all if this progressive agenda continues, or if the Liberals pull some kind of amnesty for all the illegals, here again since the last amnesty, to weight the vote for the socialists in power at this time. Americans won’t take much more…Peacefully.


January 31, 2010

I watched the S.O.U. “re-dress”. I was appalled that this President has no concept of respect and courtesy, or the separation of the powers of the government. He not only degraded the intelligence of the American people, but he disrespected the Justices of the Supreme Court, because HE disagreed with their interpretation of the law. He then goes on to say he will “write an executive order” to form a committee that he ordered and the legislative branch voted down. What makes this jerk think he has the right to walk on us and talk down to us, and to write whatever he wants if the representatives of the people don’t agree with his agenda? I was thoroughly fuming when he talked about moving ahead with HIS agenda for our children and grandchildren, saying he was acting for the greater good—like we are all uneducated, stupid children, and beneath his intelligence. He disgusts me. I am well educated. I am in the medical field. I don’t think government has any business messing with health care, any more than they needed to be having hearings on steroid use in pro sports. That is not what they get paid TOO MUCH for. It is all about setting a foundation for his socialist agenda, while I believe from what I’m seeing that he is tearing the other foundations down. He talks of investment, then attacks the banks and Wall Street causing the stocks to dive. He talks about small businesses being the foundation of jobs, and then moves forward with plans to increase taxes–but we don’t call them that. Needless to say, it was more of the same. He tried using charisma, bullying, and even his defiant posture as he spoke to Americans. That was it–defiance. He has not changed his agenda one iota. On another brief note, if we want our jobs back, we need to pull back from the GLOBAL economy. We have made other countries prosperous, while we are falling far behind to “level the playing field”. It is time to revisit and even rescind NAFTA. Bring our jobs home, or stop importing the stuff our American corporations make abroad for pennies on the dollar. If we don’t buy it, and we need it, we’ll make it and we will make it here. And, with any luck, The Americans that woke up somewhere along Obama’s first year will vote out the corruption, and get closer to the “constitutional” congress we need. And, My God, quit spending. I swear I could balance their budget. They wouldn’t like it, but we’d be out of debt in less than 10 years. there would not only be a spending freeze, I would look at the budget “LINE BY LINE”, and there would be cuts. I am recently widowed, and if I don’t have the money, I don’t spend it…why should congress??? The American taxpayer is now the piggy bank of the congress. They make the debt, and bilk us for the money to pay it. Meanwhile, nothing they pass applies to them, ever in their lives. That is another thing that would change… If they pass laws, they had better be ready to have it apply to them during their terms and when they return to the private sector. That way, they might think about the frivolous, intrusive nonsense they are trying to pass on us. Well, I’m finished with my rant… and if possible, I’ll be running for the senate seat of Kay Hagan of NC in two years. I am headed to the republican committee next week. I hated the condescending letter she sent me when I expressed my concerns about the changes I’ve already seen in healthcare in lieu of the actual bill being passed, because they thought it would pass. Maybe I’ll be one of those honest, responsible people that gets elected to help get this country back on the right road….and… I have a pick up truck.